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V3 Publishing ConCall Minutes 20090204

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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 -- 4:00 PM Eastern


Beeler, Kreisler, Lloyd, McDaniel, Stechishin, Savage


Review Minutes of January 28, 2009

Stechishin/Savage 4-0-0

Status of ISO submissions (ICSR, CDA R2, V2.5)

Don and Woody worked on completing the ISO publication package, they are 80% finished the ICSR component. There are issues with links, briefly the whole package almost needs to be built at once to resolve the internal document link. The entire process should be complete in the next few days. The principles used in creating the publishing package will apply to the creation of the manifest to be used in the Subversion based HL7 publishing.

The ISO publishing process is new. Don said the goal is to document process for HL7 community. Austin commented it would also be useful to describe the lessons learned.

SVN and Publishing

Andy updated on wiki progress, forgot to get the updated SVN-Publishing process description from Woody in time to post to the wiki. Will be done for next week.

Notes on Vocab Thread re: Realms

Andy provided some background to the group on a thread on the Vocabulary list-server discussing the list of realms and where this information is published. Woody believed a List of Realms is likely a Core Principles issue and belongs in this document.

Notes from Don Lloyd

No updates.

Other Comments

Woody updated on creation of the MIF-Lite files.

Austin had some issues where he needed to determine whether he should resolve or work with Woody and Don. Austin had communicated the issues to Don but did not require immediate attention and would wait for don to review.

Woody walked through the ISO publishing process and upgrades and how these upgrades would ultimately improve the publishing process.

Austin has clients who will be consuming the MIF Vocab files and wondered what documentation on MIF is available. Woody said the schema documentation was complete and up-to-date. The introduction to vocabulary written by Ted Klein was also very helpful in understanding the core concepts.

Adjourned at 4:45