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[[Recent_Publishing_ConCall_Minutes |Return to V3 Publishing Minutes]]
[[Recent_Publishing_ConCall_Minutes |Return to V3 Publishing Minutes]]
=V3 Publishing Conference Call, Month dd, yyyy=
Harding, Beeler, Lloyd, Loyd, Seppala, Kreisler
Harding, Beeler, Lloyd, Loyd, Seppala, Kreisler

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Harding, Beeler, Lloyd, Loyd, Seppala, Kreisler

Agenda Items

  1. Approved agenda
  2. Approved the minutes 01/23/08
  3. Noted that on Monday, January 28, the TSC formalized the appointment of Dick Harding and Woody Beeler as Publishing Co-chairs for V3
  4. Discussed the conference call schedule as proposed last week. Took a Motion to "Hold V3 Publishing conference calls every Wednesday, at 4:00 PM Easter (US) time." Moved by Loyd, seconded by Harding, passed 4-0-0.
    This schedule will take effect on February 6. Beeler to schedule.
  5. Beeler noted that a "formal" tooling release announcement will be made on February 1. This package of tools includes tools that are already on Gforge. There will be a new "RIM" Design Repository posting that includes vocabualry updates from the Vocabulary "cleanup" project released at the same time.
  6. Don Lloyd noted the following from the recent "Current Ballot Cycle Information" forms submitted last weekend. Initially, it looks like there will be 14 ballots continuing, 10 new ballot items, and that about 9 have achieved final status in last two cycles. Among the new items are a couple of Domain Analysis Models
  7. Gregg Seppaa reported that the PA DSTU content passed, with the resolution process still to complete. There were a few items that were found non-persuasive and others that will be addressed with "not substantive changes".
  8. Future items
    1. Confusion over Publishing deadlines and TSC approval process. Plan is that Don Lloyd, Dave Hamill, and Woody will undertake to mesh the Publishing process and its deadlines with the TSC approval process in order to document places were these intersect and depend upon each other. This will be brought forward for Publishing Committee endorsement.
    2. A request has been documented by the TSC that we look at ways to provide additional preparation time for documents, and/or to to reduce the ballot open time to the minimum, mandated 30-day cycle. The committee will undertake this with a goal of presenting the results at the May WGM.
    3. There is an outstanding ballot issue lodged against a number of domain ballots having to do with the requirements for "design walk-throughs" and/pr "Line-item attribute descriptions." Patrick Lloyd will start a "thread" on this topic on the Publishing List, and it will be the primary agenda topic for next week's conference call.
  9. Adjourned