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Minutes of Recent Publishing Conference Calls

Wednesday, May 8, 2013, Q3

Chair: Woody Beeler (GWB)

Scribe: Andy Stechishin (AS)

Attendees: Don Lloyd (DL), Michael Tan (MT)

Motion: Approve May balloting cycle AS/DL unanimous

  1. Cross check terminology in R2B datatypes before release of NE, cross-check schema, validate R2B core schemas
  2. Committed to SD to publish Release 3 same as HQMF, change to target (UVCD)
  3. GWB promise to Austin to release formal naming installed with RoseTree (?)
  4. Canadian Generator does not pick up dependencies from PubDB
    1. Every place we use message-references.xml will need to be rewritten
  5. Get a Visio release and then RoseTree tested with it and both items officially released.