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V3 PubProcess - Generate MIF and Related Content

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04...Generate MIF and Related Content

The HL7 V3 Generator is a tool whose primary purpose is to convert a set of domain and design content (frequently expressed in idiosyncratic xml formats, into a set of files expressed in the HL7 Model Interchange Format (MIF); and then to process the MIF files to create a supporting set of artifacts, such as static model schemas, table- and Excel- views of the static models, etc. This section covers the execution of the Generator processes.

04.10...Select configuration

This sub-step has no automated task. It involves establishing the "configuration" parameters for the V3 Generator in InputFiles/configuration.ext. This file is more or less self-documenting. For the purposes of the combined Pub-Gen tool suite, the default properties are just fine, except that "publicationId" should be set to something like "Ballot2010Sep".

04.20...Generate All MIF

04.30...Generate Schemas

04.40...Generate Tables, Excel

04.50...Post-process Excel

04.60...Process QA on MIF

04.70...Version MIF

04.80 or 05.10...Distribute Generated Content

Distribute generated files to Publishing Process directory structure.

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