V3 PubProcess - Generate MIF and Related Content

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04...Generate MIF and Related Content

The HL7 V3 Generator is a tool whose primary purpose is to convert a set of domain and design content (frequently expressed in idiosyncratic xml formats, into a set of files expressed in the HL7 Model Interchange Format (MIF); and then to process the MIF files to create a supporting set of artifacts, such as static model schemas, table- and Excel- views of the static models, etc. This section covers the execution of the Generator processes.

04.10...Select configuration

04.20...Generate Core MIF

04.30...Generate dynamic and static MIF

04.40...Process QA on MIF

04.50...Generate Schemas, Tables, Excel

04.60...Post-process Excel

04.70...Version MIF

04.80 or 05.10...Distribute Generated Content

Distribute generated files to Publishing Process directory structure.

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