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V3 Prefaces at Topic Level

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This is a page of type Category:InM Open Action Items.

V3 Prefaces at Topic Level

Opened  20051114
Assigned to: Tooling
Was action item ITEM: 1025

Prefaces at Topic Level, Pubs issue, need to take this up with Pubs. Results from MCCI R2 C1 ballot rec. item 134.

  • 20051114, Tony Julian, open
    • Propose to pubs to have preface at the topic level, instead of just having a preface at the domain level. If one has a varied range of Topics it makes no sense to have all preface comments at the domain level.
  • 20060113 Tony Julian, open, pubs
    • 20060113 WGM pubs will consider. Supported by pharmacy.
  • 20060508 WGM San Antonio, open
    • 20060508 WGM San Antonio: Ballot item in PFG ballot. Follow the resolution of that.
  • 20060911: WGM, INM: open. PFG = Pubs facilitators guide
  • 20070108: WGM: They'll look at it. Tony to talk to pubs about it this week.
  • 20070112: WGM: no update, Tony didnt get a chance to talk to them about this.
  • 20070122: Tony sent e-mail to Helen/Pubs list
  • 20070325: Tony Julian:

Email to editors: Helen et. al. Has there been any resolution to this? There was a note that this was a open item on the ballot of the Pubs facilitators guide.

  • 20070325: Tony Julian: Response from Helen Stevens: Julian,

No - this has not progressed - sorry, it must have got missed on our list. It is certainly something that we should entertain discussion on during our conference calls - I will put it on the agenda for the call this week (11am EST on Wednesday). It would be great if you could attend to explain the business need.

  • 20070702: Telcon :This is a tooling issue. Tony will ask to add to wish list for tooling.
  • 20080114: WGM: Scott will ping tooling. Then we will revisit, and decide how annoying to be to tooling. We will close after tooling acknowledges.
  • 20080414: Scott: email sent to tooling co-chairs.
  • 20100120: Sandy will ping Scott, Tony will ping tooling/publishing.
  • 20101005: Sandy will follow up with Publishing.