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V3 Patch Policy

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Version 3 Patching Policy - Adopted 11/18/2011

This patching policy was adopted to help establish expectations for the WGs balloting V3 materials. If you feel this policy should be changed, please feel free to join our discussions during the weekly V3 publishing calls. Find the next scheduled call here: HL7 Conference Calls

V3 Publishing will always produce patches when:

It is discovered that there is a significant issue with content due to a publishing error
It is discovered that the ballot content does not use the correct final submission

V3 Publishing will produce a patch during the first two weeks of a ballot when:

It is discovered that there is a technical issue with material (whether this issue arises from the submitting WG or during the preparation of material)
It is discovered that there are missing graphics, models or supporting files (schemas, etc.)
It is discovered that there are significant textual or model errors that would affect a reviewers ability to review the material

Please note that patches should not be used to address minor typographical errors (including a listing of authors and editors), or to update content when a WG has missed the ballot opening deadlines.