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V2 Code Table Project

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This is the active working space for the v2 code table project.

Any members particularly CGIT and Vocabulary work group members are welcome to participate in this project.

Here's a "dump" of the minutes taken from the project calls:

August 8 2013

We are in the midst of extracting rules out of the minutes. We appreciate any help you can provide to review the minutes and extract the rules to a spreadsheet and then we'll collate all the spreadsheets together.

If you can help, please indicate your name and which set of minutes you are reviewing to avoid multiple people looking at the same file and no one is looking at other files.


Version 2 Table Project Guidelines

To Do List as of March 6, 2014

  1. Work from best estimate dates for v2.9 ballot
    1. Content from workgroups by the May Phoenix WGM; we will need to identify those tables with problems that must be addressed by the WorkGroups and supply them with this information by mid-March. We need to mark them with a 'must-fix', 'nice-to-fix', or 'low priority' for each of the problems. Setup process for committee followup for those gremlins the committees need to address; Process: examine all tables where we have documented issues that need to be fixed by the workgroups, and get these issues to V2.x publishing as errata for v2.8 and fixes for v2.9; get done prior to the Phoenix WGM; also apply the Rules to these tables.
    2. All remaining tables to be screened a second time by midsummer 2014; continue on the biweekly calls to accomplish this
    3. Final appendix 2C content in the new format due late summer 2014 so it can be reviewed at the September 2014 WGM
      1. Assign OIDs for the code systems
      2. Assign OIDs and names for the value sets
  2. Finish going through the minutes and capturing the rules *DONE*
    1. As of 1/31/2014, we have completed the July 7, 2011 minutes
    2. We must complete the rules by March 6, 2014 *DONE*
  3. Design format for Chapter 2C
    1. Plan to do on the April calls
    2. FInalize and submit to Publishing for review in the face-to-face meeting in Phoenix
  4. Update content in the database (Frank)
    1. Code content from the WorkGroups from their v2.9 material sent into Publishing for the September WGM
    2. Tables project content (OIDs, etc) produced and merged into database
    3. Develop macros and output content in the new format for the v2.9 ballot opening
  5. Document the updated vocabulary model for Version 2 and supply the text and diagrams to publishing
    1. Find out from Publishing what date they will need this by