V27 Chapter Editors

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V2.x Chapter Editors

CH02 Control: Anthony Julian (ajulian (at) mayo.edu)

CH02A DataTypes: Sandra Stuart (Sandra.stuart (at) kp.org)

CH02B Conformance: Rob Snelick (robert.snelick (at) nist.com)

CH02C CodeTables: Sandra Stuart (Sandra.stuart (at) kp.org)

CH03 Patient Admin: Alex Deleon (Alexander.J.Deleon (at) kp.org)

CH04 Orders:– Brian Pech (brian.pech (at) kp.org)

CH04A Order Entry: Pharmacy/Treatment Vaccination – Scott Robertson (Scott.M.Robertson (at) kp.org)

CH05 Queries: Pete Gilbert, Anthony Julian (peter.gilbert (at) covisint.com, ajulian (at) mayo.edu)

CH06 Financial Mngmt: Beat Heggli (Beat.Heggli (at) netcetera.com)

CH07 Observations: Hans Buitendijk (hans.buitendijk (at) siemens.com)

CH08 MasterFiles: Scott Robertson (Scott.M.Robertson (at) kp.org)

CH09 MedRecords: Pete Gilbert (peter.gilbert (at) covisint.com)

CH10 Scheduling: Jane Daus (Jane.Daus (at) McKesson.com)

CH11 PatientReferral: Klaus Veil (Klaus (at) Veil.net.au), Don Lloyd (dlloyd (at) hl7.org)

CH12 PatientCare: Klaus Veil (Klaus (at) Veil.net.au), Don Lloyd (dlloyd (at) hl7.org)

CH13 ClinicalLabAuto: Patrick Loyd (patrick.e.loyd (at) gmail.com)

CH14 AppMngmt: Anthony Julian (ajulian (at) mayo.edu)

CH15 PersonnelMgmt: Frank Oemig (hl7 (at) oemig.de)

CH16 eClaims: Beat Heggli (Beat.Heggli (at) netcetera.com)

CH17 MaterialsMgmt: Jane Daus (Jane.Daus (at) McKesson.com)