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V2.x refactor requirements

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V2 refactoring project - Project insight Id ????

This page is the starting point for the refactoring.

The primary goal is to bring the specification to the state of the art in writing interface specifications. As such, it can be devided into primary and secondary goals:

  1. enhance the way the specification is written, making it compatible with other like V3/CDA and FHIR, at least as far as possible
  2. increased functionality for the user

Project Scope Statement

The project scope statement is at V2 Refactor PSS

Primary Goals

  • use of state-fo-the-art technical terminology
    • eliminate "required but may be empty" and similar terms
    • use of vocabulary approaches (instead of "tables")
      • vocabulary domain
      • value set
      • codesystem
  • smaller chapters
    • easier to edit
    • easier to find volunteers
  • provide complete v2 family
  • web-technology

Secondary Goals

Requirements analysis

  • overarching requirements

User requirements

  • Requirements from the user perspective
    • Ability to edit content without regard for special markup
    • Access to the newest version
    • special editing functionality for v2 specific tables
      • segments
      • message structure
      • data types
      • vocabulary

Publishing requirements

  • Requirements from the publishing perspective
    • provide web-based version
    • generate complete documentation

Tooling Requirements

Conceptual model

  • Conceptual modeling
    • "official" v2 model

Logical model

  • Logical modeling

Physical model

  • Physical modeling