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User Interface for RIMBAA Applications

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How can we put a User Interface on a RIMBAA application?

  • Can we reach the goal of sem-automatically generating a UI based on a CIM, with controls that are suitable for the (flavoured) data types being used, and bindings with value sets - validating the data that is entered according to the appopriate templates and OCL statements?


UI's will be based on the RO/CO or AO cells as defined in the Technology Matrix.

There are two (extreme) options:

  1. Dynamically (at run time) generate the UI based on a CIM/LIM-like definition
  2. Define the UI first (based on a set of very small CIM/LIMs??), bind elements in the UI to RO/CO/AO classes/attributes.


There are some known methods:

  • One hospital uses an XSLT to transform HL7 v3 XML to a HTML interface (transform RS/CS to RO/CO to UI)
  • Most will code a User Interface by hand and will use XPath to bind the data to the UI Components (create UI; map/bind elements from RO/CO/AO to UI elements)
  • Some will use a tool like InfoPath
  • Generate the User Interface at design-time (PHI) or at run-time (a RIMBAA run-time Engine?)