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René (1 trailing é please, not 2) is a Tutor/Senior Consultant for Ringholm. See the Ringholm website for other CV style info.

Ringholm is based in the Netherlands, our training/consultancy activities are focused on Europe. Ringholm is a member of 5 affiliate organizations. During WGMs I'm mostly active in WGs Application Implementation and Design (of which I'm a co-chair), and the Education.


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DevDays 2015


  • (09:40-10:00) open
  • (10:00-10:20) open
  • (13:40-14:00) FHIR facade for UK primary care systems (Dunmail Hodkinson) [confirmed]
    • Black Pear (an apps vendor) have produced working FHIR interfaces (a FHIR frontend of their existing proprietary APIs) to the 3 main UK GP systems - these are being used in production. Dunmail will discuss this project, as well as related UK projects for the creation of FHIR interfaces for GP systems.
  • (14:00-14:20) Growing the FHIR community (Grahame Grieve) [confirmed]


  • (09:00-09:20) FHIR/OAauth2 implementation in a document management server (Kevin Mayfield) [confirmed]
  • (09:20-09:40) Exposing MedicAlert data over FHIR (Lloyd McKenzie) [confirmed]
    • As a trial implementation of FHIR in Canada, Gevity partnered with MedicAlert Canada to expose a FHIR facade over an existing SOAP & XML-based web services interface leveraging XSLT to perform the conversion. A mobile phone interface was then built to allow paramedics to access MedicAlert's repository directly from their phones. The presentation will provide a quick summary of the architecture and the implementation experience.
  • (09:40-10:00) Continua Prototype Implementation of FHIR Draft Standard (Lars Roland, James Agnew) [confirmed]
    • HL7-defined Patient, Device, DeviceComponent, and Observations Resources are employed to collect information on the patient, the devices used to make the observations, and the observed values. These Resources are then Bundled on a Personal Health Gateway and sent via REST & OAuth over the Services Interface to a Health & Fitness Service.
  • (10:00-10:20) Welding pipes with FHIR: An integration Story (Marc Meermans) [to be confirmed]
  • (13:40-14:00) open
  • (14:00-14:20) Mapping HL7v2 to FHIR (Simone Heckmann) [confirmed]
    • The mapping from FHIR to and from HL7 v2 messages has a series of challenges associated with it.

AID Amsterdam

  • JGZ v3 (Kyndylan Nienhuis, NL,