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René (1 trailing é please, not 2) is a Tutor/Senior Consultant for Ringholm. See the Ringholm website for other CV style info.

Ringholm is based in the Netherlands, our training/consultancy activities are focused on Europe. Ringholm is a member of 5 affiliate organizations. During WGMs I'm mostly active in WGs Application Implementation and Design (of which I'm a co-chair), and the Education.


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DevDays 2015


  • (09:40-10:00) X
    • No OAuth aspects this session
  • (10:00-10:20) X
    • No OAuth aspects this session
  • (13:40-14:00) FHIR facade for UK primary care systems (Dunmail Hodkinson) [confirmed]
  • (14:00-14:20) Growing the FHIR community (Grahame Grieve) [confirmed]


  • (09:00-09:20) FHIR/OAauth2 implementation in a document management server (Kevin Mayfield) [confirmed]
    • No IHE topic
  • (09:20-09:40)
    • No IHE topic
  • (09:40-10:00)
  • (10:00-10:20)
  • (13:40-14:00)
  • (14:00-14:20) Mapping HL7v2 to FHIR (Simone Heckmann) [confirmed]

On hold/ waiting list:

  • Exposing MedicAlert data over FHIR (Lloyd McKenzie)
  • using FHIR facades over current archetype-based (and non archetype-based) systems, UK project in this area (Ian McNicoll) [verify with Ian close to DevDays]
  • (generic) FHIR facade working for applications built on the VitalHealth platform (Theo Stolker)

AID Amsterdam

  • JGZ v3 (Kyndylan Nienhuis, NL,