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René (1 trailing é please, not 2) is a Senior Consultant for [http://www.ringholm.de/en/index.htm Ringholm]. See the [http://www.ringholm.de/en/rs_about.htm Ringholm] website for other CV style info.
René (1 trailing é please, not 2) is a Tutor/Senior Consultant for [http://www.ringholm.com/en/index.htm Ringholm]. See the [http://www.ringholm.com/en/rs_about.htm Ringholm] website for other CV style info.
Ringholm is based in Germany, our training/consultancy activities are focused on Europe. Ringholm is a member of 5 affiliate organizations. During WGMs I mostly represent either [http://www.hl7.nl HL7 the Netherlands] or [http://www.hl7.de HL7 Germany], mainly in committees such as [[RIMBAA]] (of which I'm a co-chair), [[MnM]], [[Implementation]], [[INM]], [[Marketing]], [[Structured Documents TC]], [[Patient Administration TC]] and [[Lab SIG|Laboratory]].
Ringholm is based in the Netherlands, our training/consultancy activities are focused on Europe. Ringholm is a member of 5 affiliate organizations. During WGMs I'm mostly active in WGs [[Application Implementation and Design]] (of which I'm a co-chair), [[Marketing]] and [[Education]].
==Open Proposals/Papers==
===Ready for discussion===
*InM - [[Proposal: create a query mechanism which specifies templates for the response]] (itself on hold; see sub-item below)
**MnM - [[Harmonization: add QuerySpec.responseTemplateId attribute]] (update, get InM / Patrick to reapprove in InM)
*MnM - [[Harmonization: turn ParameterItem.semanticsText into a mandatory attribute]] (edit, push to harmonization again)
*PA/PC - [[Requirements for an Universal Encounter model]] (itself on hold; see sub-item below)
**PC/PA - [[Three PC/PA harmonization issues]] (for Sydney)
===In preparation/ for finalization===
*PA - [[Linking and Unlinking of Roles in Registries]] (needs more work, notably pubs materials)
*PA - [[Proposal: update Find Encounters Query]], approved, needs creation of Publication Materials.
**PA - [[Proposal: update Find Encounters Query - part 2]], approved, closed, verify if done
*PA - [[Patient Appointment Reminders]] (approved, create pubs-ready material)
*PA - [[Proposal: add Find Appointments Query]], (approved, create pubs-ready material)
*PA - [[Proposal: add CareProvision(EVN) to Scheduling domain]], (approved, create pubs-ready material)
*[[Index of the v3Guide]], [[:Category:V3Guide]]
*[[List of template registries]]
*[[List of template registries]]
*[[Common Design Patterns]]
*[[Common Design Patterns]]
===On Hold/Low Priority===
*PA - [[Linking and Unlinking of Roles in Registries]] - needs follow up by Line / HL7 Norway
*General - [[Characteristics of IPs]] - Orlando
*PA - [[Add Ward/Bed/Room to ServiceDeliveryLocationRoleType]], SDL.code updates accepted on 20090715 call.
**Related: [[Harmonization Proposal: add three concepts to ServiceDeliveryLocationRoleType]] (abandonded, needs entire rework of ServiceDeliveryLocationRoleType value set, 100s of codes)
*MnM - [[Harmonization: turn ParameterItem.semanticsText into a mandatory attribute]] - MnM hot topics telcon
*MnM - create proposal related to [[Participation]]
*PA - [[Proposal: extend Identity Document Topic]], new
*StrucDoc - [[RCMR issues]] - needs project proposal, work with Jari
==Closed Proposals==
*PA - [[Proposal: Person Registry, add GroupId parameter]] - ready, '''needs XML example'''
**PA - [[Proposal: Patient Registry, add Find Candidates query parameters]] - ready for discussion
*OO - [[Order interaction for the creation of a document]] - done
*MnM [[Properties of Requested Act vs properties of Request Act]], resolved
*INM - [[The use of the Bolus ResponseModalityCode in HL7 v3]] - Closed.
*Strucdoc - CDA R3: [[Add ProfileId to ClinicalDocument]], [[Clarify Stylesheet Semantics]], [[Add ControlAct to CDA Header]], [[Extend CDA R3 Header with supprt for GP/PCP]]
*PA - [[Helse Vest Patient Encounter issues]] - will need creation of new R-MIMs
*PA - [[Add new RoleClass: Place of Existence]], accepted Kyoto 200905
**PA - [[Harmonization_Proposal:_Add_new_EXISTENCEPL_roleClass]], approved by PA on 20090715 call. Rejected at harmonization, LOCE was felt to be a suitable class code.
*MnM - [[Design pattern: organizations part/partOf]] - fizzled out; reactivate when appropriate
*Harmonization - [[Remove Querybyselection and related classes from the RIM]], [[Update_RIM_description_of_ExecutionAndDeliveryTime]] - discussed and approved on the February 2009 harmonization call
*PA - [[Proposal: Person Registry, add query parameter]] - approved
*PA - [[Issue: Person Topic - newborn without id]] - answered
*PA - [[Issue: Change Person Identifier List]] - answered
*PA - [[Proposal: Patient Registry Request Add Patient]] - approved
*PA - [[PRPM_-_AORTA_use_cases]] Application Registry - tabled
*PA - [[Proposal: Add new Parameter to Provider Detail Query]] - agreed
**moot point however, should be human resources topic
*InM - [[Media-types for various message formats]] - closed
*InM - [[Update RIM description of ExecutionAndDeliveryTime]] (harmonization proposal) - bring to harmonzation meeting
*InM - [[Add attribute to QueryByParameter class]] - rejected
==Navigation Sidebar==
==Navigation Sidebar==

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René (1 trailing é please, not 2) is a Tutor/Senior Consultant for Ringholm. See the Ringholm website for other CV style info.

Ringholm is based in the Netherlands, our training/consultancy activities are focused on Europe. Ringholm is a member of 5 affiliate organizations. During WGMs I'm mostly active in WGs Application Implementation and Design (of which I'm a co-chair), Marketing and Education.


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European Attendee List (marked X)

At Name Affiliation Email Address
  Adri Burggraaff SLZ, NL hl7adri@gmail.com
  Albert van 't Hart E-Novation bv, NL albert.vanthart@enovation.nl
  Alexander Henket Nictiz, NL henket@nictiz.nl
  Andra Achterberg AAIT, NL andre@aaictconsultancy.nl
  Andrea Ceiner ItalTBS, IT andrea.ceiner@italtbs.com
  Andrea Poli O3 Enterprise, IT poli@o3enterprise.eu
  Andrew Hinchley CPL Healthcare, UK ahinchley@yahoo.co.uk
  Andy Harris National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), UK andy-harris@clara.co.uk
  Ann Wrightson NHS Wales Informatics Service, UK ann.wrightson@wales.nhs.uk
  Arild Hollas CSAM Health, NO arild.hollas@csamhealth.com
  Arnt Lockert ,NO arnt.lockert@nirvaco.no
  Arthur Kuipers UMCG, NL a.kuipers01@umcg.nl
  Axel Kvale NHN, NO axelk@nhn.no
  Bas van Poppel CSC ISoft, NL bvanpoppel@csc.com
  Bertil Reppen Apertura, NO bertil@apertura.no
  Bjorn Moe NHN, NO bjornm@nhn.no
  Charlie Bishop iSoft, UK Charlie.Bishop@isofthealth.com
  Davide Magni ItalTBS, IT davide.magni@italtbs.com
  David Bowen GOSH, UK BowenD@gosh.nhs.uk
  Erich Kramer PCS, AT erich.kramer@pcs.at
  Ernst de Bel UMCN, NL e.debel@ic.umcn.nl
  Ewout van den Bosch VUMC, NL ejj.bosch@vumc.nl
  Ewout Kramer Furore, NL e.kramer@furore.nl
  Francesco Rossi TBS, IT  
  Francis Lessmann VUMC, NL fgjm.lessmann@vumc.nl
  Franz Habich PCS, AT franz.habich@pcs.at
  Freek Geerdink Vrumun, NL freek.geerdink@vrumun.nl
  Georgio Cassetti Noemalife, IT gcassetti@noemalife.com
  Gert Broekhaar RIVM, NL gert.broekhaar@rivm.nl
  Gert-Jan Marsman NSpyre, NL gert-jan.marsman@nspyre.nl
  Giuseppe Lapis , IT g.lapis@computer.org
  Guglielmo "Willy" de Walderstein RP Ziekenhuis, NL Walderstein@rpz.nl
  Hans Jonkers Philips, NL hans.jonkers@philips.com
  Hans Vonkeman Furore, NL h.vonkeman@furore.com
  Henk Enting MGRID, NL h.d.enting@mgrid.net
  Henk-Jan Snoodijk VUMC, NL hj.snoodijk@vumc.nl
  Hugh Glover Blue Wave, UK hugh_glover@bluewaveinformatics.co.uk
  Jo Piene Siemens, NO jo.piene@siemens.com
  Jorn Agnar Solheim Tieto, NO jorn.agnar.solheim@tieto.com
  Jos Verhagen Portavita, NL j.verhagen@portavita.eu
  Kjetil Sanders CSAM Health, NO Kjetil.Sanders@csamhealth.com
  Leo van Romunde , NL leo.van.romunde@inter.nl.net
  Leonardo Truscello Webred, IT leonardo.truscello@webred.it
  Libero Maesano Simple Engineering, IT/FR libero.maesano@simple-eng.com
  Lorraine Constable Constable Computing, CA lorraine@constable.ca
  Mark Sinke Forcare, NL mark.sinke@forcare.nl
  Martijn Kruit VUMC, NL ma.kruit@vumc.nl
  Massimo Frossi ItalTBS, IT massimo.frossi@italtbs.com
  Oyvind Waal Akershus University Hospital, NO oyvind.waal@ahus.no
  Rene Jensen Oslo University, NO renej@ifi.uio.no
X Rene Spronk Ringholm, NL rene.spronk@ringholm.com
  Pekka Kola Tieto Healthcare, FI pekka.kola@tieto.com
  Peter de Jong Ordina ICT, NL peter.de.jong@ordina.nl
  Richard Schluter Parnassia Bavo, NL r.schluter@parnassiabavogroep.nl
  Robert Worden Open Mapping Software Ltd, UK rpworden@me.com
  Roberta Gazzarata Unige, IT roberta.gazzarata@dist.unige.it
  Roberto De Lorenzi , IT r.delorenzi@datasiel.net
  Roelof Middeljans UMCG, NL  
  Ruth Steinhauer Siegele Software, AT ruth.steinhauer@siegele-software.com
  Sara Gaion ItalTBS, IT sara.gaion@italtbs.com
  Saverio Sabina CNR, IT sabina@ifc.cnr.it
  Silvano Montanari Dedelus, IT silvano.montanari@daedalus.eu
  Tessa van Stijn Nictiz, NL stijn@nictiz.nl
  Tom de Jong NovaPro, NL tom@nova-pro.nl
  Tommy Kristiansen CSAM Health, NO tommy.kristiansen@csamhealth.com
  Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde NHN, NO tor-eirik@nhn.no
  Viola Parodi Infinity Technology Solutions, IT viola.parodi@itsinfinity.com
  Wim Koster UMCG, NL wim.koster@nspyre.nl
  Willem Dijkstra MGRID, NL w.p.dijkstra@mgrid.net
  Wouter Tesink Nictiz, NL tesink@nictiz.nl
  Yeb Havinga MGRID, NL y.t.havinga@mgrid.net

Meeting Attendance (marked P)

At Name Affiliation Email Address
  Abdul Malik Shakir COH, US ashakir@coh.org
  Adel Ghlamallah CIHI, CA aghlamallah@infoway.ca
  Alan Nicol Informatics, UK alan.nicol@informatics.co.uk
  Alejandro Pica EMA, UK alejandro.pica@ema.europa.eu
  Alexander Henket E-Novation, NL alexander.henket@enovation.nl
  Alex de Jong Siemens, US alex.dejong@siemens.com
  Alex Zupan ItalTBS, IT alex.zupan@italtbs.com
  Ameet Pathak Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, US ameet_pathak@dfci.harvard.edu
  Amnon Shabo IBM, IL shabo@il.ibm.com
  Andrew McIntyre Medical Objects, AU andrew@medical-objects.com.au
  Andy Stechislin GordonPoint, CA andy.stechishin@gmail.com
  Anil Luthra , US aluthra@alfisconsultants.com
  Ann Wrightson NHS Wales, UK ann.wrightson@wales.nhs.uk
  Assaf Halevy DBmotion assaf.halevy@dbmotion.com
  Bertil Reppen Apertura, NO bertil@apertura.no
  Bill Friggle Sanofi Aventis, US william.friggle@sanofi-aventis.com
  Brian Pech KP, US brian.pech@kp.org
  Brian Davis 3rd Millenium, US bdavis@3rdmill.com
  Bruce McKinnon JassCo, CA bruce.mckinnon@jassco.ca
  Charlie McCay Ramsey, UK charlie@ramseysystems.com
  Chirag Bhatt FEI Systems, US chirag.bhatt@feisystems.com
  Chris Melo Philips, US chris.melo@philips.com
  Chris Winters Vocollect Healthcare Systems, Inc., US cwinters@healthcare.vocollect.com
  Dale Nelson , US dale.nelson@squaretrends.com
  Dan Kokotov 5AM Solutions, US dkokotov@5amsolutions.com
  Dave Barnet NHS, UK david.barnet@nhs.net
  David Rowed Ocean Informatics, AU david.rowed@oceaninformatics.com
  Dave Shaver Corepoint health, US dave.shaver@corepointhealth.com
  Diane Gutiw SAIC, US gutiwd@saic.com
  Duana Bender Mohawk College, CA duane.bender@mohawkcollege.ca
  Ed Larsen Larsen Inc., US e.laresen@ix.netcom.com
  Ernst de Bel UMCN, NL e.debel@ic.umcn.nl
  Ewout Kramer Furore, NL e.kramer@furore.com
  Gavin Morris Kestral, AU gavinm@kestral.com.au
  Geoffry Roberts Blue Thread LLC, US geoffry.roberts@gmail.com
  George de la Torre Tufts Health, US delatorre.george@gmail.com
  Gordon Raup Datuit LLC, US graup@datuit.com
  Grahame Grieve AU grahameg@gmail.com
  Heath Frankel Ocean Informatics, AU heath.frankel@oceaninformatics.com
  Hugh Glover BlueWave Informatics, UK hugh_glover@bluewaveinformatics.co.uk
  Hugh Leslie Ocean Informatics, AU hugh.leslie@oceaninformatics.com
  Ian Bull ACT health, AU ian.bull@act.gov.au
  Ilia Fortunov Microsoft, US iliaf@microsoft.com
  Jane Curry HIS inc, CA JaneCurry@healthinfostrategies.com
  Jean Henri Duteau GPI, CA jean.duteau@gpinformatics.com
  Joe Ketcherside , US joeketch@me.com
  John Finbraaten Marshfield Clinic, US finbraaten.john@marshfieldclinic.org
  John Harvey Iatric, US john.harvey@iatric.com
  John Koisch Guidewire Architecture, CA jkoisch@guidewirearchitecture.com
  John Timm IBM, US johntimm@us.ibm.com
  John Ulmer ??, US johnu@clemson.edu
  Justin Fyfe Mohawk College, CA justin.fyfe1@mohawkcollege.ca
  Kai Heitmann Heitmann Consulting, DE hl7@kheitmann.de
  Kenneth Salyards SAMSHA, US kenneth.salyards@samsha.hhs.gov
  Kenneth Weng CareFx, US kweng@carefx.com
  Lee Coller Oracle, US lee.coller@oracle.com
  Linda Birn MOH Holdings, SG linda.birn@mohh.com.sg
  Lyssa Neel Infoway, CA pneel@infoway.ca
  Lorraine Constable CA lorraine@constable.ca
  Madan Gopal Arizona dept. of Health Services, US madan.gopal@azdhs.gov
  Marilyn Maguire Fuji Med, US marilyn.maguire@fujimed.com
  Mario Roy Iatric, US mario.roy@iatric.com
  Mark Bevivino Iatric, US markb@iatric.com
  Mark Shafarman Shafarman Consulting, US mark.shafarman@earthlink.net
  Mark Tucker Regenstrief, US mtucker@regenstrief.org
  Massimo Frossi Ital TBS, IT massimo.frossi@italtbs.com
  Michael van der Zel Groningen University Hospital,
and Results4Care, NL
  Mike Rossman KP, US michael.k.rossman@kp.org
  Muhammad Afzal SEECS, PK muhammad.afzal@seecs.edu.pk
  Nasrar Chearg Interfaceware, US nasrar.chearg@interfaceware.com
  Nick Radov Axolotl, US nradov@axolotl.com
  Patrick Loyd GPI, CA patrick.c.loyd@gmail.com
  Pascal Mattiocco KP, US pmattiocco@yahoo.com
  Paul Boyes Guidewire Architecture, CA pboyes@guidewirearchitecture.com
  Perry Vonk SAIC, CA vonkp@saic.com
  Peter Gummer Ocean Informatics, AU peter.gummer@oceaninformatics.com
  Peter Hendler KP, US peter@hendler.net
  Rene Spronk Ringholm, NL rene.spronk@ringholm.com
  Richard Kronstad Carefacts, UK rkronstad@carefacts.com
  Richard Thoreson SAMSHA-CSAT, US richard.thoreson@samsha.hhs.gov
  Rik Smithies NHS, UK rik@nprogram.co.uk
  Robert Worden Open Mapping Software, UK robert@OpenMapSW.com
  Sam Heard Ocean Informatics, AU sam.heard@oceaninformatics.com
  Sean Muir VA, US sean.muir@va.gov
  Scott Parkey Axolotl, US sparkey@axolotl.com
  Stacy Berger COH sberger@coh.org
  Steven Royce NEHTA, AU stephen.royce@nehta.gov.au
  Steve Fine Cerner, US sfine@cerner.com
  Tessa van Stijn Nictiz, NL stijn@nictiz.nl
  Tim Dodd CA tim.dodd@health.gov.sk.ca
  Tod Ryal Cerner, US tryal@cerner.com
  Todd Parnell 5AM Solutions, US tparnell@5amsolutions.com
  Tony Lam MOH Holdings, SG tony.lam@mohh.com.sg
  Vassil Paytchev Epic, US vassil@epic.com
  Yunwei Wang Siemens, US yunwei.wang@siemens.com
  Zhijing Liu Siemens, US zhijing.liu@siemens.com