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*(13:40-14:00) Developing a FHIR read-only facade for i2b2 (Kavi Wagholikar) [confirmed]
*(13:40-14:00) ''open''
**This presentation will describe the technical details and learnings in the development of the fhir interface for i2b2. Over 100 institutions in the US have i2b2 installations for identifying research cohorts. The fhir api is aimed at providing a readonly interface to the data hosted in the i2b2 instances, allowing the institutions to run SMART apps over i2b2. We will also discuss plans to integrate NLP in this interface.
*(14:00-14:20) Mapping HL7v2 to FHIR (Simone Heckmann) [confirmed]
*(14:00-14:20) Mapping HL7v2 to FHIR (Simone Heckmann) [confirmed]

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René (1 trailing é please, not 2) is a Tutor/Senior Consultant for Ringholm. See the Ringholm website for other CV style info.

Ringholm is based in the Netherlands, our training/consultancy activities are focused on Europe. Ringholm is a member of 5 affiliate organizations. During WGMs I'm mostly active in WGs Application Implementation and Design (of which I'm a co-chair), and the Education.


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DevDays 2015


  • (09:40-10:00) X
    • No OAuth aspects this session
  • (10:00-10:20) X
    • No OAuth aspects this session
  • (13:40-14:00) FHIR facade for UK primary care systems (Dunmail Hodkinson) [confirmed]
  • (14:00-14:20) Growing the FHIR community (Grahame Grieve) [confirmed]


  • (09:00-09:20) FHIR/OAauth2 implementation in a document management server (Kevin Mayfield) [confirmed]
    • No IHE topic
  • (09:20-09:40)
    • No IHE topic
  • (09:40-10:00)
  • (10:00-10:20)
  • (13:40-14:00) open
  • (14:00-14:20) Mapping HL7v2 to FHIR (Simone Heckmann) [confirmed]

On hold/ waiting list:

  • Exposing MedicAlert data over FHIR (Lloyd McKenzie)
  • using FHIR facades over current archetype-based (and non archetype-based) systems, UK project in this area (Ian McNicoll) [verify with Ian close to DevDays]
  • (generic) FHIR facade working for applications built on the VitalHealth platform (Theo Stolker)

AID Amsterdam

  • JGZ v3 (Kyndylan Nienhuis, NL,