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*9.45-10.25 Apps (5 sp)
*9.45-10.25 Apps (5 sp)
*10.25-10.45 FHIR usage in Countries (2-4 sp)
*10.25-10.45 FHIR usage in Countries (2-4 sp)
**Simone Heckmann, Germany
**Josh Mandel, USA
**Rik Smithies, UK (tbc)
*11.30-12.10 FHIR projects (2 sp)
*11.30-12.10 FHIR projects (2 sp)

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René (1 trailing é please, not 2) is a Tutor/Senior Consultant for Ringholm. See the Ringholm website for other CV style info.

Ringholm is based in the Netherlands, our training/consultancy activities are focused on Europe. Ringholm is a member of 5 affiliate organizations. During WGMs I'm mostly active in WGs Application Implementation and Design (of which I'm a co-chair), and the Education.


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  • Rob Verburg, RadboudUMC, koppeling tussen Epic en Castor EDC [4]
    • Doel: DRE - Dynamic Research Environment. Ernst de Bel heeft daarin de conclusie getrokken om geen V2/V3 daar meer voor in te zetten. Samenwerking met Abel Enthoven. Noodzaak voor flexibele dataopslag en retrieval. Dat werd Castor EDC een commercieel cloudoplossing. Epic is bronsysteem. Epic levert een reportingdatabase/datawarehouse Clarity en daaruit worden gegeven geput. Voor de huidige opzet zijn alleen FHIR Resources gebruikt met een hoog maturity level.
  • Lenel James, Payers FHIR work
  • DD 2016: Tomas Stæhr Berg, Systematic A/S, DK, HAPI prifile absed code gen

AID Amsterdam

  • JGZ v3 (Kyndylan Nienhuis, NL,

DD 2017

    • Finnish PHR (confirm title and time slot in Sept)
  • Richard K (or Rik as a representative of NHS Digital)
    • Concern about volumentrics of FHIR on the Spine; use of profiles Compositions/sections (idea, yet to be asked)
  • Paul Whitehead Rogan delft
    • Convert audio files to DICOM SR using NLP - FHIR DocRefs, Provenance (to be confirmed)

THUR 16/11

  • 9-9.40 Tools (5 sp)
  • 9.45-10.25 Apps (5 sp)
  • 10.25-10.45 FHIR usage in Countries (2-4 sp)
    • Simone Heckmann, Germany
    • Josh Mandel, USA
    • Rik Smithies, UK (tbc)
  • 11.30-12.10 FHIR projects (2 sp)

FRI 17/11

  • 10.45-11.25 FHIR Projects (2 sp)
  • 11.30-12.10 FHIR Projects (2 sp)