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==Monday Q1==
Chair: Ewout Kramer
Attendance sheet: [] (to be turned into a PDF after meeting)
===Tracker Items===
* [ 16165], [ 16127], [ 17001], [ 17002] - Versioning discussion; prepared motions for voting Wednesday
Prepared MOTION for wed may 16 Q2: "Document the MIME-type parameter as a way to describe the version of the resource in the MIME package. Grahame Grieve/Chris Grenz: 37-0-0"
Straw poll about using "Meta.fhirVersion" versus using "Meta.profile": 8 in favor of "fhirVersion", about 18 for a <profile> based approach.
Below is the example we discussed:
  Content-type: application/fhir+xml;fhirVersion=3.0
  <pre><Patient fhir-version="3.0" xmlns="">
      <profile value="" />
      <profile value="|1.0" />
      <!-- assuming no breaking change to patient in 4.0....  -->
      <profile value="|4.0" />
      <profile value="|1.2.1" />
      <fhirVersion value="3.0" />
    <!-- more interesting stuff about patient-->
    "resourceType" : "Patient",
    "fhir-version" : "3.0",

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