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==Ballot Reconciliation==
==Ballot Reconciliation==
*[[media:EHRS_USEGUIDE_R1_I1_2018JAN_Usability_Functionlist_20171220.xlsx|Usability Functional Profile (January 2018) ballot (FunctionList)]]
*[[media:EHRS_USEGUIDE_R1_I1_2018JAN_Usability_Functionlist_20171220.xlsx|Usability Functional Profile (January 2018) ballot (FunctionList)]]
*[[media:ballotcomments_EHRSFM_R2_USEGUIDE_R1_I1_2018JAN_20180124_20181114.xls|Usability Functional Profile (January 2018) ballot reconciliation spreadsheet (work-in-progress)]]
*[[media:ballotcomments_EHRSFM_R2_USEGUIDE_R1_I1_2018JAN_20180124_20181121.xls|Usability Functional Profile (January 2018) ballot reconciliation spreadsheet (work-in-progress)]]

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The HL7 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Usability Work Group is an activity of the HL7 EHR Work Group.

Please subscribe to the HL7 EHR Usability listserver for meeting announcements, agendas, and updates regarding current work.

NOTE: DRAFT documents may be incomplete and are posted for Team review and discourse. Please take care to note their draft (tentative) status if referencing or sharing with others.

Usability Work Group

HL7 Usability WG background

  • Work Group formally launched 2013-06-10

Mission and Charter

  • Translate existing, well established usability guidelines and health information management principles into functional criteria in the EHR System Functional Model Release 2 (EHR-S FM), complete with: Function ID, Function Name, Function Statement, Description, Conformance Criteria.
  • Logistics for meetings
Every Wednesday at 1:00 pm Eastern U.S. for 60 minutes
Audio: +1-224-501-3412, Access Code: 798-931-918#
Video Meeting ID: 798-931-918#

Agendas for weekly meetings

  • (none)

Minutes of weekly meetings


  • Gary Dickinson;
  • John Ritter;
  • Mitra Rocca;

Work-In-Progress documents

  • (none)

Ballot Reconciliation

Published HL7 Usability WG standards

  • (none)

List of Usability Functional Profiles

  • (none)

Translations into other languages

  • (none)

Educational tutorials and documents

  • (none)

Relevant Usability articles, synergistic groups, activities, and calendars

  • (none)

Hot Topics or Current Activities

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Parking Lot documents

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