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===[[Terminfo_2_Principles|Terminfo 2 Principles]]===
===[[Terminfo_2_Principles|Terminfo 2 Principles]]===
===[[Terminfo_2_Hot_Topics|Terminfo 2 "Hot Topics"]]===
===[[Terminfo_2_"Hot_Topics"|Terminfo 2 "Hot Topics"]]===
===[[Use_Cases|Use Cases]]===
===[[Use_Cases|Use Cases]]===

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Terminfo 2 – Implementation Guide for Using SNOMED CT and LOINC Terminologies in HL7 Artifacts

The new and expanded project officially began at the January 2012 WGM in San Antonio. The intent is to develop material for DSTU followed by normative ballot to address issues of overlap between the terminology and information models.

Terminfo 2 Project Scope Statement: File:HL7 Project Scope Statement Vocab Terminfo R2 01-15-2012 final.doc

This link below is to the content from the previous DSTU standard (expired May 2009), which will serve as the starting point for our new work:

Using SNOMED CT in HL7 Version 3; Implementation Guide (prior DSTU - "Release 1.5")

Terminfo 2 Principles

Terminfo 2 "Hot Topics"

Use Cases

Link to Terminfo 2 Project minutes on

File:Terminfo Audience section-draft-prior to scoping.docx

Terminfo Presentations