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TermInfo Call Agenda September 11, 2013

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  • Announcements
  • Review and approve minutes from August 28
  • Brief action items review
    • Pre-Atlanta WGM
      • Act.code and Observation.value updates (Rob, Daniel)
      • Report back findings on IHE balloting of guides through HL7 and the relationships between IHE, HL7, LOINC and IHTSDO (Ted Klein)
      • Consider the ways in which grouping of the TermInfo guidance document would best suit you or your organization/constituency (All)
      • Consider what support to this activity you or your organisation may be able to provide (All)
      • Update the TermInfo tutorial presentation for the May WGM in Atlanta (Rob)
      • Consider providing more advanced material in an evening session, or outside of the regular tutorial track (post-Atlanta WGM)
      • The examples, and problem definitions will be included on the Wiki and circulated to the Vocabulary List and the list is to be asked to provide examples – post also to TermInfo, RIMBA, MnM
      • Review the email discussion on negation for the relevant issues and proposed solutions and post to the Wiki (Hugh)
    • From Atlanta WGM TermInfo and Vocab quarters
      • Put together a first draft of 9 English language statements relative to the types of Act in CDA to illustrate clearly the use of negation indicator in CDA (Lisa Nelson)
      • Undertake to convert the email thread into a succinct description of guidance for his single specific question (Hugh Glover)
      • Undertake to put together a first draft of a template to capture and document the information on use cases and solutions (Carmela Couderc, David Markwell offers to assist)
      • Start with a particular statement and document how it should be represented (Jean Duteau)
      • Need to provide a new project milestone date from project 849 – TermInfo (Rob Hausam) - done (Jim Case)
      • Resolve the new TermInfo call time with the TermInfo group and report back to Vocab (Rob Hausam) - done
    • New action items from the calls
      • Submit TermInfo May 2009 ballot reconciliation results to HQ (Rob Hausam)
      • Re-organize action items list and send to group (Rob)
      • Reach out to Lisa Nelson and and clarify the re-organization of the existing DSTU content on the Wiki (TermInfo 1.5 DSTU - Update Project) and determine where some of the items came from (Rob)
      • Post the completed May 2009 ballot reconciliation spreadsheet on the Wiki (and send to the list) (Rob)
      • Homework: Look through the DSTU update files on the Wiki and pick what to work on by the next call – go ahead and start, if you have the time (Everyone)
  • Cambridge TermInfo session agenda planning
    • Tuesday Q1
      • Brief introduction and project overview
      • Further discussion and status update on the Negation Hot Topic
      • Review TermInfo conference call schedule (continue or change day/time?)
      • Other topics?
      • Begin work on DSTU updates and preparation for re-ballot (if time)
    • Tuesday Q2
      • Working session on DSTU updates and preparation for re-ballot
      • Remote access (GTM) capability for TermInfo sessions
  • Further review of plans for the updated TermInfo IG DSTU ballot
    • Focus and scope
      • CDA R2 target (while anticipating CDA R3 and FHIR)?
      • All "coded terminologies", vs. SNOMED CT only or SNOMED CT and LOINC?
    • Revise title (to fit with above)
    • Ballot in January 2014 cycle (if possible)
      • NIB Deadline Oct. 27
      • Initial Content Deadline Nov. 3
      • Final Content Deadline Nov. 24
  • Review further progress and updates on the TermInfo Wiki
  • Agenda for next call