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* [[Technical Requirements|Template Registry Technical Requirements]]
* [[Template Registry Technical Requirements|Technical Requirements]]
* Implementation - build an initial registry
* Implementation - build an initial registry
* Testing - Register a set existing of templates
* Testing - Register a set existing of templates

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Sponsored by Templates WG and Co-Sponsored by Tooling, Patient Care, Structured Documents -

Project scope

  • In this project we will create a pilot template registry based on the business requirements established by the Template Workgroup and pilot its use with templates from CDA Implementation Guides and other HL7 Artifacts from IHE, HL7, HITSP, NHS, NICTIZ or other interested parties. This project will use a minimal repository design and implementation to only support the template registry pilot. We will implement this as an OHT Forge project and will consider making it an OHT Charter project if there is sufficient bandwidth after the pilot is completed. The project will develop a set of recommendations for the next steps and development of actual templates registry in accordance with HL7 tooling process.

Action Items

  • Wendy Huang will pull together the current metadata definitions from the DSTU and contact users and get their input as well as from the Business Requirements document by March 18th with Rob McClure
  • Keith Boone will start working on the formal metadata requirements, and modeling the process of registration with Mark Shafarman as a reviewer - March 18th
  • Rob McClure to fill in a page for Terminology Strategy by March 18th
  • Richard Kavanagh to update the project Participants Completed
  • Jane Curry will pull together the current high level description of the Shared Artifact Repository and post on the wiki and also add some notes on the registration metadata for templates by March 4th - finished March 11
  • Mark Shafarman will make available the white paper of the Infoway document as soon as he has made it generic by March 25th
  • Mark Shafarman - align terminology DCM ISO by March 25nd
  • Mark completed updating the links to the templates documents have all been corrected to use the Gforge copies of the documents - and Mark will check that all relevant documents have been uploaded to the project's Gforge site. Note that these now include the link to the "SDO" version of the powerpoint of the Infoway white paper, as well as the link to the original Templates DSTU)
  • Richard Kavanagh will contact all the potential developers and determine what skills and capacity is to make a decision on the technical platform by March 18th
  • John Roberts will add discussion of approvals by March 18th

Project Process

  • Standing Agenda Items
    • Review of project plan and action items
    • Opportunity to ask questions and answers

Project objectives and deliverables

The intent is to build a basic working registry and register a set of existing templates to explore the technical difficulty of

  • Deliverables
  • Technical Requirements
  • Implementation - build an initial registry
  • Testing - Register a set existing of templates
  • Identify Requirements for Updating Templates DSTU
  • Recommendations for next steps and development of registry

Links to relevant documents

  • Templates Registry Pilot Gforge home page

  • Project Scope Document:

  • Templates DSTU (note this is an HTML zipfile: extract to directories, then open)

  • Templates Registry Business Requirements Document:

  • Templates Registry Business Requirements Presentation:

  • Document from Infoway with some relevant work:

  • ISO DCM draft as of March 4 2010:


Template Registry Users

People who will make use of the registry once it is created and populated
Name Email Notes
Ewout Kramer
Michael van der Zel
Gaby Jewell
Mark Roche
William Goossen
Anneke Goossen
Rob McClure
Frank Oemig
John Roberts
Larry Reis
Sarah Gaunt

Template Registry Annotators

People willing to add meta data to registered templates
Name Email Notes
William Goossen
Anneke Goossen

Template Registry Liasons

People willing to act as liaisons to other groups within HL7
Name Email Notes
Ann Wrightson Liaison to SOA WG - who have other registry projects under way
Liaison to (SA)EAF - for information framework
Anneke Goossen Liaison to DCM project

Template Registry Developers

People who can assist in the design, development or hosting of the registry service
Name Email Notes
Keith Boone
Richard Kavanagh
William Goossen
Rob McClure
Michael van der Zel
Christel Daniel Special interest in binding template to terminology servers and in managing national extensions, context French pEHR project
David Ouagne Special interest in binding template to terminology servers and in managing national extensions – context French pEHR project
Srinath Vala

Template Registry Contributors

People willing to register their templates within the registry
Name Email Notes
Ewout Kramer
William Goossen
Rita Altamore
Michael van der Zel
Sarah Gaunt
Christel Daniel
Richard Kavanagh HL7 Templates from the NHS,plus openEHR Archetypes