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[[Category:201809_FHIR_Connectathon_Track_Proposals|Sep2018 Proposals]]
[[Category:201901_FHIR_Connectathon_Track_Proposals|Jan2019 Proposals]]
=Track Name=
=Track Name=

Latest revision as of 17:37, 19 October 2018

To use this Template:

  1. Search (or Go to) for a page with name like yyyymm_Track Name (with a proper year/month combination for the target connectathon)
  2. Click on the RED link to the (previously) undefined page in order to edit it.
  3. Type {{subst::Template for FHIR Connectathon Track Proposals}} as the only content for the new page.
  4. Preview (if desired) to verify the reference was typed correctly
  5. "Save" the page.
    At this point, the contents of this template (with the exception of these instructions) will replace the substitution link.
  6. Re-edit the page to fill in your proposal
  7. Save again

Track Name

Submitting WG/Project/Implementer Group


Clinical input requested

Related tracks

Proposed Track Lead

See Connectathon_Track_Lead_Responsibilities

Expected participants


Please include information here regarding how much advance preparation will be required if creating a client and/or server.

Role 1 Name


Scenario Step 1 Name

Success Criteria:
Bonus point:


Security and Privacy Considerations