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Template Registry Technical Requirements

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Infrastructure Requirements (Hardware, Software, Etc)

Work has started on setting up a local development/build environment. After I (Keith) have a working build environment, I will be setting up a deployment/test server. Subsequently, I will be putting the necessary build components in a Source control system using OHT.

Operating System
Linux (deployment/test) and/or Windows (development/build)
Programming Language
Java 1.5 or later
Web Server
Apache Tomcat 5.0.28 or Later (or other JSP 2.0/Servlet 2.3 Compatible Container)
Derby (or other SQL-92 Compliant Database)
Web Services
Mailing List Server
  • Open Source
  • Java Based (preferably but not absolute requirement, especially if RSS/Atom Enabled)


ebXML Registry
freebXMLRegistry 3.1
OpenID Tools

User Interface Requirements and Design

Template Metadata Format

Metadata will be stored using the schema for the ebXML Registry Information Model.

Authenticated Users

User who are storing information or updating the registry would have a user record stored in the registry that would be referenced by a template registry entry or an audit record. We are proposing here to use OpenID to support authentication as a simlpifier.

This is the proposed metadata that would be stored in the registry for users that are updating the registry.

<User id="dummy" xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:ebxml-regrep:xsd:rim:3.0">
  <LocalizedString value="OpenID"/><!-- User's Open ID -->
  <LocalizedString value="Display Name"/><!-- What to display for this user -->
 <!-- Demographics (possibly obtained through OpenID APIs) -->
 <!-- Address information -->
 <Address city="" country="" postalCode="" stateOrProvince="" street=""
 <!-- Person Name Parts -->
 <PersonName firstName="" lastName="" middleName=""/>
 <!-- Contact Phone Number -->
 <TelephoneNumber areaCode="" countryCode="" extension="" number="" phoneType=""/>
 <!-- e-Mail Address -->
 <EmailAddress address=""/>