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Generic Relationships for SAIF Information models.
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Relationships and traceability

  • This model and its attributes must be bound to content from a specific "abstract" data type model formally adopted by HL7.
    • Rationale: The data structures that derive from the RIM draw much of their "type" information from data types assigned to RIM attributes.
  • This model and its encoded attributes must be bound to content from a specific Vocabulary Model.
    • Rationale: Over 40 per-cent of RIM-derived attributes carry encoded values. The expected terminology binding for those attributes must be carefully defined.
  • Traceability of model content to content expressed in a Conceptual Information Model from the relevant domain or project.
    • Rationale: Provide traceability from project requirements expressed in a Conceptual Data Model to their realization as part of the model(s) in the PIM and PSM layers.