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Technical Steering Committee

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The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) maintains its agendas, minutes, and discussion documents on a separate wiki at

The committee composition, member contact details and charter may be found at

TSC Issues

The TSC open issues will be maintained using the pattern established by INM/MnM using wiki categories. A template for new issues, and set of views of the open issues will be listed here. A link to the policy document describing how issues are being tracked and progressed will also be provided.

The rationale for using this wiki for the creation and tracking of issues is that it is open to all HL7 members to edit, so that they can annotate the open issues, and as responsibility for the issue moves between committees, it can retain its TSC issue category, and so continue to be tracked and monitored by the committee.

The construction of the issues template is in progress, and is due to be complete before the end of october 2007.