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The following issues were raised during discussion of the LPP:

  1. HL7 International not wishing to compete with Affiliates
    • See section above
  2. What is the qualification of the organizations who provide training? To become a partner and to remain a partner
    • We need to develop core competencies on evaluation of “teachers”
    • See 'Prerequsites' section above for discussion
  3. HL7 Code of conduct that precludes endorsement of one member over another
    • See Risks section above
  4. Competition with HL7 International offerings
    • See Risks section above
  5. Dilution of the HL7 brand
    • See Risks section above
  6. Risk of saturation of market with HL7 sanctioned training
    • See Risks section above
  7. Need to understand how this is different from what is happening today
    • Rene: currently: anything goes, multiple parties (commercial or not) are offering educational services, some of high quality, others of poor quality. The average potential attendee has no way of knowing the quality of the respective offerings. Customers will associate all HL7 training courses (whomever provides them) with "HL7" and as such training courses of poor quality will be detrimental to HL7 as a brand.
      • Some affiliates have an arrangement like the proposed Learning Partnber Program in place. Some affiliates, as well as HL7 International, will forward leads to commercial parties for the delivery of training courses - some asking a small % of the revenues for forwarding the lead, others doing so for free. There is no consistency in such arranagements, nor is the process transparent in any way.
  8. Do we have the time to do the evaluations in a volunteer organization?
    • Rene: if the Learning Partners had to pay an annual fee to be accredited, evaluations of organizations and/or trainers would be a paid effort.
  9. Affiliate agreement just signed and would need to be changed/amended
    • An amendmend may be in order, see above for suggested additional content
  10. There may be an issue for some of the HL7 International teachers in providing training in some countries
    • Rene: exactly that's why one has to widen the number of options by having Learning partners that could provide training in those countries.