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[[File:FHIR.png|right|140px|Temporary FHIR logo]]
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR, pronounced "Fire") defines a set of "[[Resource]]s" that represent granular clinical concepts. The resources can be managed in isolation, or aggregated into complex documents. Technically, FHIR is designed for the web; the resources are based on simple XML or JSON structures, with an http-based RESTful protocol where each resource has predictable URL. Where possible, open internet standards are used for data representation.
{|width=100% cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2
|bgcolor="#ff8888" align=center width="40%"| FHIR Implementation
|bgcolor="#ffaaaa" align=center width="30%"| FHIR Development
|bgcolor="#ff8888" align=center width="30%"| Organizational
*The current specification: [http://www.HL7.org/fhir/ http://www.HL7.org/fhir/]
**[[FHIR Starter]] - aimed at the novice
**[[FHIR FAQ]] - business and technical perspectives
**[[FHIR User Group]]
**[[FHIR_email_list_subscription_instructions|List server]] - general questions
**Skype conversation for implementers ('''To Join''', ask David by email [mailto:david.hay25@gmail.com], or by skype (david.hay25)) - for urgent enquiries.
**[http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/hl7-fhir Stack Overflow] on-line application (use the tag hl7-fhir)
*FHIR Social media
**FHIR-themed blogs [http://fhirblog.com/ David Hay], [http://thefhirplace.com/ Ewout Kramer], [http://www.healthintersections.com.au/ Grahame Grieve]
**FHIR Videos [http://www.hl7.tv/FHIR.html HL7.tv] and [https://vimeo.com/channels/hl7fhir Ringholm].
**[[Publicly Available FHIR Servers for testing]]
**[[Open Source FHIR implementations]]
**[[FHIR Connectathon 6]] (next connectathon, May 2014)
**[[:Category:FHIR_Connectathons|Historical Connectathons]] (list)
**[[Organizations interested in FHIR]]
*FHIR Development
**[[FHIR_email_list_subscription_instructions|List server]] - discussions
**Materials: [http://gforge.hl7.org/gf/project/fhir/ gForge], [http://gforge.hl7.org/svn/fhir/trunk SVN Trunk]
**[[FHIR Development Process]] documents FHIR methodology
**Discussion pages: [[:Category:Active FHIR Discussion|Active Discussions]], [[:Category:FHIR Discussion|All]]
*[[:Category:FHIR_Resource_Proposal|FHIR resource and profile proposals]] - proposed changes
** [[FHIR Design Requirements Sources]]
** [[FHIR Resource Types]]
** [[FHIR Resource Considerations]]
** [[FHIR license]] (old page, to be archived)
** [[FHIR Principles]]
* WG FHIR pages
**[[Patient Administration Resource development]]
**[[CDA to FHIR Samples Group]]
**[[FHIR Agenda 201405 WGM|Phoenix WGM]] (next meeting, May 2014)
**[[:Category:FHIR Meeting|Historical Meetings]] (list of agendas/notes)
** [[FHIR Governance]]
** [[FHIR Governance Process]]
** [[FHIR Governance Board]]
** [[FHIR Management Group]]
*[[FHIR Project planning]]

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