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Talk:EMS Projects

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Recommend changing:

  • EPatient.05 Street address: @ADXP = “SAL”
  • EPatient.06 City: @ADXP = “CTY”
  • EPatient.07 County: @ADXP = “CPA”
  • EPatient.08 State: @ADXP = “STA”
  • EPatient.09 Postal code: @ADXP = “ZIP”
  • EPatient.10 Country: @ADXP = “CNT”

to use: ClinicalDocument/recordTarget/PatientRole/addr/streetAddressLine ClinicalDocument/recordTarget/PatientRole/addr/city ClinicalDocument/recordTarget/PatientRole/addr/county ClinicalDocument/recordTarget/PatientRole/addr/state ClinicalDocument/recordTarget/PatientRole/addr/postalCode ClinicalDocument/recordTarget/PatientRole/addr/country