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From Harry Solomon: Points to be addressed in charter:
* external relations with DICOM WG26 Pathology, [GS: done]
** with a common information model for pathology specimens, [specimens mentioned]
** and harmonization of workflow management [GS: I would prefer not to mention this, because all    of the workflow management would happen under the normal workflow approaches by the OOTC which also includes the IISIG and the LABSIG.]
** including management of image acquisition and storage processes. [GS: we do mention images,    but would think that at this point HL7 Pathology SIG does not need to duplicate the DICOM WG26    work.]
* external relations with Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Pathology domain, which is a preferred mechanism for promoting the implementation of the standards as they are developed, including interoperability testing and demonstration. [GS: have not included IHE yet, certainly is a great opportunity, however, would not limit to that and not say anything about what's preferred and what's not preferred.]
What is that?

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