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Supply FHIR Resource Proposal

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SupplyRequest and SupplyDelivery (replacing Supply)

Owning committee name

Orders & Observations WG

Interested Work Groups

  • Pharmacy
  • Devices
  • Patient Care

FHIR Resource Development Project Insight ID


Scope of coverage

DEFINITION (SupplyRequest and SupplyDelivery): Origiinally proposed as a single resource "Supply", the SupplyRequest and SupplyDelivery resources cover information needed for the ordering and distribution of supplies between healthcare organizations and external suppliers and within a healthcare organization

RIM scope

  • Role: Supply (classCode=SPLY, moodCode=EVN) TODO: Review RIM mapping based upon udpate to SupplyRequest and SupplyDelivery

Resource appropriateness

Resource to record the request(order), delivery and dispense of materials, devices, medications etc to the patient's room, ward, central supply etc are necessary for the tracking of devices, substance and medications in healthcare.

Expected implementations

  • Required for CCDA
  • Record request and delivery of devices, substance and medications when context is generic -i.e. not specifically tied to a patient record.

Content sources

  • HL7 v3 Pharmacy Standard
  • HL7 v2.x
  • HL7 v3 Diet and Nutrition DAM
  • IHE Pharmacy(PHARM) White Paper, Supply of Products for Healthcare

Example Scenarios

  • Central supply at Acme Hospital is running low on widgets. EMH orders a widgets ‘XYZ’ for restock.
  • Central supply at Acme Hospital resupply floor stock

Resource Relationships

  • Order/OrderResponse
  • Contract
  • CarePlan
  • ClinicalImpression


  • Vote by WG (Ready for ballot): July 2015
  • Ballot: next ballot (October 2015?)

gForge Users

  • Eric Haas
  • Patrick Loyd
  • Jose Costa Teixeira


  1. Need to deterine boundaries and relationships with MedicationDispense and DeviceUseRequest.
  2. RIM mappings need review
  3. Need to expand the description a little bit. Do the patient centric and bulk supply need different resources (current ballot comments)
  4. Should look at NCPDP, probably OpenEHR, jurisdictional specifications (e.g. Vision dispense for pan-Canadian claims)