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  • Q : I can browse the repository, but I can't do a checkout / update?
    • A : Some proxy servers allow the basic HTTP methods (GET, POST) but not the more advanced WebDAV methods that the ra_dav library uses.
      • Get your server admin to allow WebDAV methods, OR
      • Use https:// instead of http:// - proxy servers can't "snoop" encrypted requests.
  • Q : My line endings are all wrong!
    • A : This is because your files were kept in CVS - if CVS thinks a file is text, it always converts it to native UNIX line endings before storing it, and applies line endings appropriate to the target platform which fetching the file from the server. SVN never does this unless you instruct it to, so any files with incorrect line endings are likely to be because CVS once munged/unmunged them and SVN doesn't.
      • Fixing the file once should be sufficient for this to never happen again, as SVN won't break it again.
      • Modern editors should be comfortable with different line endings (try "Notepad2" for a simple free one), and convert between them with ease (problems are likely only with hidebound things like the VB6 IDE).
      • If you actually want this behaviour (e.g. set to CRLF to restore line endings on VB source files), add the [eol-style property] to the files.
      • This isn't necessary for new files because all files are stored and fetched verbatim by SVN by default.