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Structured Document Template Design Pilot

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Structure Document Template Design Pilot

Project scope

  • objectives: Test evolving CDA template tooling against tooling committee requirements and SDWG Implementation Guide production process via a small project.
  • scope: [1] Test functionality of tools as they currently exist;[2] Produce a (mock, small) CDA IG using the participant tools

The Structured Documents Working Group, together with developers of the OHT MDHT CDA tools [1], the OHT NHS Static Model Designer [2], and the Mitre tools, will work through an end to end development of a small mock CDA R2 Implementation Guide. The end to end process will span from templates development all the way to publication of the implementation guide and associated technical artifacts.

Out of scope is the introduction of new functionality not currently available in the existing tools. The project is focused on a rapid assessment of the current state of the tools, either working singularly or together, and the identification of gaps and suggestions for subsequent tooling enhancements.

Project objectives and deliverables

  • Objectives
- Compare tools against requirements to determine gaps.
- Develop suggestions for tooling enhancements.
- Determine if there are optimal overlaps of tools that better achieve the requirements than any single tool alone.
  • Deliverables
    • Sample CDA IG(s) based on the tools
    • Sample CDA IG, built "the old-fashioned way" (as a comparison baseline)
    • Summary of steps used to create sample CDA IG(s)
      • Comparison against requirements
      • Manual steps needed
      • Quantitative measures (e.g. hours to produce)
    • Final report regarding how tool / tool combinations stacked up against requirements

Test case

  • Build a CDA R2 progress note, end to end (from requirements to final publication).
  • This will be a very small implementation guide. Potential components include:
    • HPI section
      • narrative (no entries defined)
    • vital signs section
      • blood pressure organizer with component BP observations
      • heart rate observation
    • encounter diagnosis section
      • encounter diagnosis entry


  • Primary Sponsor/Work Group: Structured Documents Work Group
  • Co-sponsor Work Group(s): Templates, Tooling
  • Project facilitator: Bob Dolin
  • Other interested parties
    • Dave Carlson;
    • John Timm;
    • Ravi Natarajan;
    • Townend Ian;
    • Andy Gregorowicz;
    • Austin Kreisler;
  • Modeling facilitator: Bob Dolin
  • Publishing facilitator:Peter Gilbert
  • Vocabulary facilitator: n/a
  • Domain expert rep: n/a
  • Data Analyst facilitator: n/a
  • Business requirement analyst
    • Keith Boone;
    • Liora Alschuler
  • Requirements process facilitator
    • Jane Curry;
    • Mark Shafarman