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#17380 = Extend Specimen.collection by adding fasting status:
#17380 = Extend Specimen.collection by adding fasting status:
#16215 = Wrong content shown (specimen-uv-ips):
#16215 = Wrong content shown (specimen-uv-ips):
#17424 = unidentified or no subject for specimen:
SpecimenDefinition related:
SpecimenDefinition related:

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Scope of Specimen Project

The scope of the project is to:

  • Complete DAM incorporating various use cases (OO, CG, II, AP and Harmonize with BRIDG Model (biologic specimen) and Address issues encountered by IHE AP when applying the Specimen DAM to CDA during development of Anatomic Pathology Structured Report (APSR)) - see publication: ADD LINK TO LATEST VERSION HERE!!!
  • Update the FHIR resource specimen per latest DAM publication / and gForge trackers
  • Complete Specimen V3 models based on other use cases (CG, II, AP)
  • Consider V2 Updates
  • Support Specimen Identifier formats as further established by AP workgroup


  • V3 CMET/RMIM compare + updates – Lorraine Constable
  • V2 SPM compare + updates – Riki Merrick, Hans Buitendijk
  • Validate Specimen Identifier format support - TBD
  • BRIGD Harmonization - Ed Helton, Riki Merrick
  • IHE-AP ASPR work - Gunter Haroske

Conference Call Information

Online Meeting Link: Online Meeting ID: ord

If not on FCC or not wanting to use VOIP, use the following dial-in: Dial-in Number (United States): (515) 739-1430 Access Code: 294586 International Dial-in Numbers:

FAQ’s, tips and other helpful information regarding is available at > Resources > Tools and Resources > Tip Sheet.

  • List Serve:

FHIR Resource Specimen Updates

List of gForge Trackers to work through:

  1. 17424 = Specimen.subject must be optional:
  2. 17389 = Extend Specimen by adding specimen condition:
  3. 17386 = Extend Observation.specimen by adding investigator specimen comments:
  4. 17380 = Extend Specimen.collection by adding fasting status:
  5. 16215 = Wrong content shown (specimen-uv-ips):
  6. 17424 = unidentified or no subject for specimen:

SpecimenDefinition related:

  1. 14753 = Move preference to entryDefinition - 2018-Jan Core #88:
  2. 14752& = Handling condition valueset doesn't match definition - 2018-Jan Core #87:
  3. 14751 = Make lightExposure a CodeableConcept - 2018-Jan Core #86:
  4. 14750 = conservation => preservation - 2018-Jan Core #85:
  5. 14749 = Drop lightExposure - 2018-Jan Core #84:
  6. 14748 = Add examples for SpecimenDefinition - 2018-Jan Core #83:
  7. 14747 = Group elements under "container" backbone element - 2018-Jan Core #82:
  8. 14746 = Drop specimenToLab and move children to root - 2018-Jan Core #81:

Other items to be added to gFORGE:

May 2017 Ballot Cycle Minutes and ballot spreadsheet

Latest ballot reconciliation spreadsheet: File:Ballotcomments V3 DAM SPECIMEN R2 I1 2017MAY Consolidated.xlsx

Current version of the updated document - is for members only:


no call July 1, 2016

August 12, 2016 - no quorum

September 2, 2016 - no quorum September 9, 2016 - no call

November 9, 2016 - no quorum

January 4, 2017 - no quorum

Reference Documents

Working Documents

These are flagged as MEMBERS ONLY documents at this time:

Spreadsheet filtered on DRAFT - only showing the latest version here - all others are in the same directory:

Draft ballot documents:

EA file:


BRIDG Model information: has been moved here as of Feb 2017:


Conference Calls and Minutes


Working Documents

Use Cases

Status & Deliverables

Ballot Reconciliation Editing

Ballot spreadsheet for tracking work assignment - PLEASE do NOT filter on the google doc, as it affects the entire document, rather download and work in your local copy and then update the google spreadsheet afterwards: spreadsheet

Balloted document section: use cases File:V3 DAM SPECIMEN R1 I1 2014MAY UseCases.docx - Lori Dieterle

Balloted document section: Tables with definitions File:V3 DAM SPECIMEN R1 I1 2014MAY DefinitionTables.docx - Kathy Walsh

File:V3 DAM SPECIMEN R1 I1 2014MAY DefinitionTables section2.docx - Mark Jones

Section 3 - Riki Merrick - is covered in entire document file

Editor for entire document: [[1]] members only site Riki Merrick

Editor for Model: Lorraine Constable - file is here: [[2]]

Draft Model

Specimen Model in Gforge:

Definitions spreadsheet: File:Specimen DAM classes and attributes with notes.xlsx

  • snapshot of Draft Model work in progress (draft model on the left, excerpts from NCI LSDAM on the right):



LS DAM Wiki:

LS DAM Overview:

LS DAM (Enterprise Architect) :