Service Oriented Architecture

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The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Working Group is concerned to enable HL7 standards to be fully usable within systems that are designed using SOA principles. Further details of the SOA WG's remit and responsibilities is outlined in its charter.

The SOA WG has an established working relationship with the OMG's Healthcare Domain Task Force (HDTF). Joint activities are conducted under the name Healthcare Services Specification Project (HSSP), with participation from both HL7 and OMG members. For convenience of administration and to aid joint working, the majority of SOA WG content is hosted in the HSSP wiki.

SOA WG Joint projects with OMG (HSSP)
  • SOA WG meetings are published in this calendar.
  • The System Reference Model is work in progress across SOA WG and HITSP using the EHR-S FM as a thinking tool to understand the healthcare interoperability space from a SOA perspective.