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September 7 2016 Education Telecon

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Call to Order

  • Call info:

Wednesday, 4PM EDT Phone Number: +1 770-657-9270 Participant Passcode: 447895

Called meeting to order at 4:11 pm EST

  • Attendees:
    • Sharon Kayne Chaplock
    • Fernando Campos
    • Melissa Mendivil
    • Diego Kaminker
    • Mary Anne Boyle

Review prior minutes

Melissa moved to approve previous meeting minutes - Sharon seconded

Discussion items

WGM Housekeeping Items:

  • Review and approve agenda.
    • Diego moved to approve WGM agenda, Fernando seconded
  • Any action items to prep for the WGM?
    • Diego/Fernando will be able to attend Clinicians breakfast
  • Education WG slide deck (Melissa)
    • No limit to number of slides, due by end of week
    • Fernando sent correction - add Melissa to last slide
    • Diego sent suggestions to add to deck
    • Melissa will work on deck and send out draft copy for group to review by end of week
  • Board Report - edited by Mary Ann and Sharon - chairs need to edit it now/review. Due the 8th.
    • Melissa will follow up with Virginia to find out what else is needed.
  • Draft Tutorial grids
    • Mary Anne will leave Draft Tutorial grid for the meeting - will need to speak with Paco about international offerings and if we need to offer Spanish versions
  • Review Education Dashboard draft
    • Mary Anne will have Dashboard draft at meeting
  • Certification
    • Beta testing the FHIR exam, Sharon sent guidelines on how to set up certification exam. Diego will get together with Sharon to discuss the FHIR certification test and standardization of this test.
  • No new news from HQ

Mary Anne moved to adjourn at 4:41 pm EST, Sharon seconded.