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September 2012 WGM Baltimore

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PC Baltimore WGM 2012 September

PC Monday Sep 10 2012


PC Monday Q3

Present: Michael Tan, Stephen Chu, Kevin Coonan, William Goosen, Hugh Leslie, Jon Farmer, Chris White, Isebella Gibaud, Adel Ghlamallah

Motion to accept the minutes of the May WGM - Vancouver: Moved Stephen, Second Hugh, 1 abstain, 0 against, 6 for - passed.

Planning for the rest of the week

September Ballot - Quorum was met and all four were complete with only one neg which was withdrawn.

Patient Care Work Plan Review: Review 3 year work plan. Discussion about V2 materials and need for continued development of the V2 messages. Lots of V2 messaging is still ongoing.

Motion: To accept the changes to the work plan (see published spreadsheet). Stephen Moved, Chris White Second - 0 against, 0 abstain, 8 in favour.

PC Monday Q4

O&O - see O&O minutes

PC Tuesday Sep 11 2012

PC Tuesday Q1

Present: The topic of this quarter is the ballot reconciliation. The good news is that the DMIM now has reached the normative status. One negative comment has been submitted, but no comment was sent in. Therefore the negative vote had to be ignored. A motion has been put to remove DerivationExpr from the walkthrough. There are 9 entry points of which 3 are not mentioned to the Clinical Statement. Decision to add the 3 entry points to the text of the walkthrough.

The text from the “ServiceDeliverylocation” will be removed. Jean has to add “status-code”to the act of Transportation . The 3 variants of “source of” has to be explained. William to add the text. And the Pertinent2 text has to be removed.. The numbers of the act relationship has to be adjusted. The text about authorization has to adjusted. On the missing diagram, remove the link to the graphic nr.31. A picture from Isobel Frean’s document has been copied and used as storyboard diagram 33. Decision to let William and Michael to find the pictures or create them once more. Please look at the remarks on the ballot reconciliation spreadsheet. A motion was put forward to accept the comments and the dispositions. The motion was put forward by Irma Jongeneel, seconded by Jean Duteau. 0 against, 0 abstain and 11 in favor. Suggestion to add wording to the ballot material to explain that the standard is co-owned by the patient administration. The DMIM will only be changed in joint meetings with PA and PC. Motion forwarded to make this a formal decision. 0 against, 0 abstain, and 12 in favor. Add text to explain that the RMIM’s are explained in the separate sections of patient care and patient admin. Also explain in the visio of the DMIM. The negatives votes from Gunther Shadow and Keith Boone have to be withdrawn before the material can be submitted for normative publication. William will approach Keith and Gunther. Action Item WGo. If they do not withdraw their negative votes the PC will follow the normal procedure to vote. This motion has been accepted: 0 against, 0 abstain and 12 in favor. The visio and the text of the Care Record Query were not in line. Michael had added extra parameters to the query on request of Patient Administration (such as the location of the encounter). However Irma could not remember this request. Therefore the extra parameters will be removed. William questions whether the care record query should really also be a joint topic between PA and PC, rather than a specific query for PA. A new project scope should be submitted to discuss this subject. A motion was put forward to withdraw the extra parameters from the Care Record Query and to discuss the addition of these parameters in a new project for a future version. The motion was accepted: 0 against, 0 abstain and 12 in favor.

PC Tuesday Q2


PC Tuesday Q3


PC Tuesday Q4


PC Wednesday Sep 12 2012

PC Wednesday Q1


PC Wednesday Q2


PC Wednesday Q3


PC Wednesday Q4


PC Thursday Sep 13 2012

PC Wednesday Q1


PC Thursday Q2


PC Thursday Q3


PC Thursday Q4


PC Friday Sep 14 2012