September 10, 2014 Education Telecon

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  • Melva Peters (Chair)

Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Paris Tutorials - May 2015

  • Need to consider if there are tutorials of interest
Action:  Mary Ann/Sharon continue to reach out to Nicolais Canu/John Ritter  to determine if there are topics that would be of interest
Action:  Mary Ann to reach out to Diego to see if there are other ideas from International Mentoring
  • Rene Spronk: may wish to ask the European affiliates. Countries that are likely to participate in greater numbers should be able to express their wishes - a session which explains the French DMP and their use of CDA is certainly called for.


  • SAIF Webinar
    • will be recorded at the WGM
    • Feb 5, 2014: Ron's day job interfered with his available time to record. He is looking to reschedule but no word yet.
    • May 21, 2014: Ron still has not had the time to engage the SAIF Webinar
    • June 4: No updates since last conference call, Melva will continue to follow up
Action item: Melva follow up with Lorraine again about SAIF Webinar

Tutorial Planning

File:Copy of Sept 2014 preliminary tutorial grid.xlsx

  • WGM Tutorial Grid Finalized for Chicago and is posted on the HL7 WGM Chicago website.
  • Core tutorials on HL7 Standards, and have specialized tutorials alternated between WGM
  • Start with the January WGM tutorials
  • Draft January 2015 Tutorial Grid - will work on in Chicago
  • Rene Spronk has some draft stats on Education events that will be discussed in Chicago

Discussion of Certification Exams and Ed Summits

  • v2 Workshop Project
    • Patrick will join an Education teleconference to discuss further

Updates to the Certification exams

  • Sharon has analyzed the certifications and will need to possibly revise the questions.
  • Sharon would like to create a taskforce to review the questions on the exams.
    • Qualifications needed to be on the taskforce:
      • The group will be comprised of volunteers from the tutorial speaker pool to review the certification exam
      • Must have attended/audit the actual tutorial
      • Must be approved by the Education Committee
    • Sharon is working on an outline for a plan and guidelines for updates to existing and also for developing FHIR into a Certification Exam
    • Will bring back more information after meeting with Melva, Sharon and Mary Ann in August
Action: Sharon has drafted the process and will continue to work on the planning of a group to review the material.
Action: Ken will sent comments about draft for certification.

Webinar Planning for 2015

  • Discussion of proposed webinar topics for 2015
    • Melva has sent out an email to the list
    • Sharon has received a comment request for FHIR tutorials
    • Melva created a wiki page for Webinars topics and would like ideas for next year.
    • Karen comments based on case studies as topics
    • Melanie Hiliard, New HL7 Director of Marketing, might have some ideas for webinars

Current resources and reading material

  • Will look at the list to determine how we can use it
    • Ken is still working on a the list. As soon as it is completed, we will place it as an agenda item.
    • Still compiling list but researching a possible open source library software called Koha.
    • Ken Chen is still working on the resource list. Koha software has become an option with the latest version.
Action item: Ken will generate the resource list first then add this to the next WGM Q1/Q2 agenda item for discussion. 
Action item: Ken will complete a Project Scope Statement for review before next WGM.


Next meeting

  • Next meeting - At WGM - Monday Education Facilitators Lunch, Monday Q3 and Q4, Thursday Q1 and Q2