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September 04, 2018 CBCP Conference Call

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September 04, 2018 CBCP Conference Call


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Member Name x Member Name x Member Name x Member Name
x Johnathan ColemanCBCP Co-Chair x Suzanne Gonzales-Webb CBCP Co-Chair . Jim Kretz CBCP Co-Chair x David Pyke CBCP Co-Chair
x Kathleen Connor Security Co-Chair x Mike Davis x John Moehrke Security Co-Chair x Diana Proud-Madruga
x Chris Shawn . Neelima Chennamaraja x Joe Lamy . Greg Linden
x Irina Connelly . Saurav Chowdhury . Dave Silver x. Francisco Jauregui
x Mark Meadows . Amber Patel x Becky Angeles . Jennifer Brush
. Mohammad Jafari . Ali Khan x Ken Salyards . Michael Gu
. David Staggs . Bonnie Young . Ioana Singureanu . Beth Pumo
. Mike Qu . [mailto: ] . [mailto: ] . [mailto: ]

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Agenda DRAFT

  1. Roll Call, Agenda Review
  2. Meeting Minutes approval:
    • July 31: in process (almost complete - FHIR Consent Conversation)
    • August 7
    • August 14
    • August 21
    • August 28
  3. eLTSS Update - Irina / Becky
  5. Baltimore WGM Agenda DRAFT, ready for agenda items

Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Johnathan Coleman, chair Role taken, No additional proposed agenda items

eLTSS Update

  • no updates to report
  • awaiting ballot, standing by

FHIR Update John Moehrke

  • no update

HL7 WGM Baltimore

  • review of current agenda times posted


  • TUE Q3 - eLTSS - leave on for now (placeholder)
  • TUE Q3/Q4 - ONCE Research pt choice - Johnathan working on


  • WED - EHR joint
    • Suzanne to contact Jim regarding Piper Q4 meet?

14: Mike - update the information model to bring up to date with FHIM

  • joint CBCP- security project? security is not doing unilaterally with work going on in FHIR
  • not currently a project but am curious would like to add/
    • starting project to restart / move to publish artifact
    • efforts? being made on questionnaire, attributes in an information model
    • need to be consolidated into an information model
    • need to make changes/we have gained some udnerstanind in TF4FA in our misinterpretations (internationally) that needt o be added in the infro model
    • new effort to account for known discrepticies with new ifnormaion and advancements in FHIR in FHIM... and other in FHIR for this project
  • agreement that it needs to be updated - should be a joint between security-CBCP to make sure we have all the eyes swe can
  • don't know if we have time to put together a draft (is this an update or a new project... PSS)
    • per Dave P - new project
    • recycle the old PSS and edit and submit as new PSS
  • ask HL7 office on 'major update' of a previous project... is this a new PSS ? or confirm process of major update to previous project?
    • do we know the name of the previous project? (easier to search..) Mike Davis to search and give info to Suzanne

meeting adjorned at 9:20 Arizona Time --Suzannegw (talk) 12:40, 4 September 2018 (EDT)