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Security and Privacy Ontology

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This page is intended to provide a focal point for the Security and Privacy Ontology Project; a hub for connecting to its artifacts, discussions, status and links to related projects and work groups. Most of the technical content for this project will be contained within its artifacts which will be linked to on this page and stored on GForge or other wikis. This page will provide sufficient content for project and document organization.

Project Documentation

Approved Project Scope Statement

Ontology Development Methodology

This methodology has been derived from a guideused by the Protégé team and demonstrates a basic model development process that shares some steps with HL7 HDF. The draft was written from the standpoint of developing an ontology from scratch.

Use Cases

Access Control Based on Category of Action



This project uses the Protege-OWL editor which can be downloaded at: Protege 4.1

Related Projects

HL7 SOA Ontology WG


W3C OWL 2 Specification