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[[Category:Information Model Design Patterns - Candidate]]
[[:Category:Information Model Design Patterns - Candidate|Return to Design Pattern List]]
=Some Design Pattern Name=
<!-- Descriptive label for the pattern should be descriptive and short.  They may change as the design pattern approval process evolves -->
== Effective Date ==
<!--Date on which the pattern received final (ballot) approval.  (Leave blank for an initial submission.) -->
Put text here
== Purpose ==
<!--Why is this pattern needed and what does it accomplish?  What problem is it trying to solve?  Should ideally be only a few sentences -->
Put text here
== Sponsor ==
<!--Which Work Group has primary responsibility for the pattern and should be the first point of contact for proposed changes? -->
Put text here
== Diagram(s) ==
<!--Diagrams (generally incomplete HL7 RMIM-style diagrams) that show the key elements of the pattern (what connects to what, what constraints apply, etc.) -->
Put diagrams and text here
== Description ==
<!--Explanation of the pattern and how it works -->
Put text here
== Applicable circumstances ==
<!--Identifies the model circumstances in which the pattern applies.  Use "MAY" for optional and "SHALL" for mandatory -->
Put text here
== Non-applicable circumstances ==
<!--Identifies the model circumstances in which the does not pattern applies.  Use "SHOULD NOT" for optional and "SHALL NOT" for mandatory -->
Put text here
== Examples ==
<!--Reference to models (and locations within them) where the pattern has been used -->
Put text here
== Variations ==
<!-- Identify other variations of this pattern, if any.  -->
Put text here

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