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SDWG Sept 2017 San Diego Agenda

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  • Co-chair conflicts
    • Monday -
    • Tuesday - Q1-Q3 Brett (teaching + CDS), Q3-Q4 Calvin, Q3 Rick (AWG), Q3 Gay (to CQI/CDS), Q2 Austin
    • Wednesday - Q1-Q2 Calvin (teaching), Q3-Q4 Rick (teaching), Q3 Gay (to PC/CQI/OO), Q1 & Q3 Austin
    • Thursday - Q1-Q3 Rick(teaching, then FHIR prof. exam pilot) - Brett out
    • Friday - Q1-Q2 Austin, Calvin, Rick (CoF), Gay (CoF), Benjamin
  • Potential Topics - all scheduled.
    • Need to move PSS: Infectious disease updates for C-CDA discussion (SDWG co-sponsorship with PHER - Dan Pollock) (move to Wed Q1 if possible)

SDWG - September 2017 San Diego Meeting


Monday, Sept 11th

  1. Q1 - NO MEETING (Plenary)
  2. Q2 - NO MEETING (Plenary)
  3. Q3 - SDWG Administrivia Quarter
    • Agenda Review
    • Announcements
      • Recruit for SDWG Electronic Services and Tools facilitator
    • Update on current ballot - number of comments and planned ballot reconciliation
    • Upcoming ballots
    • Update SDWG 3 Year Plan
    • SWOT
    • Review PBS metrics and work group health
    • Expiring Standards
    • Aging Projects/document
      • Original CCD and re-use by IHE (and other international groups?) - start discussion here from bus perspective. TBC when international folks present to discuss IPS on Tuesday Q1
  4. Q4 - Hosting: FHIR-I
    • Catalog profile of composite (LConstable)(30 minutes)
    • Pharmacist Care Plan (PhCP) FHIR IG updates and ballot rec
    • C-CDA on FHIR update
    • mapping (ClinicalDocument.time or

Tuesday, Sept 12th

  1. Q1 - Meeting
    • Ballot Reconciliation (UDI)
    • International Patient Summary Template
    • Should ASTM/HL7 CCD R1.0 (standalone) be removed from the HL7 website?
  2. Q2 - Joint w/Voc (Vocabulary Hosting)
    • HL7 Value Set Maintenance Process
    • LOINC document vs panel codes (Brian Reinhold)
  3. Q3 - Meeting
    • Ballot Reconciliation (ODH, Advance Directive revisions, Pharmacist Care Plan)
  4. Q3 - Send Representatives to HSI
    • Please send reps for review of these projects: FHIR for Device Data Reporting FHIR Document Sharing Guideline Appropriate Ordering Profile IHE - Lab profile to US realm lab guides harmonization Structured Data Capture (SDC) FHIR Profile
  5. Q4 - Hosting: FHIR-I
    • FHIR Case reporting PSS (SDWG as interested party)
    • FHIR Change Requests - DocumentReference, Composition, DocumentManifest - block vote posted 9/7
    • Questionnaire form definition ballot
  6. Q4 - Send Representatives to Patient Care
    • PCWG hosting reps from OO, FHIR-I, Vocab, Clin Genomics, CIMI, SD, EC Agenda: Negation + other vocab topics

Wednesday, Sept 13th

  1. Q1 - Meeting
    • Health Story Project Updates (Lisa Nelson)
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics PSS for Nutrition in C-CDA-based care documents
    • PSS: Infectious disease updates for C-CDA discussion (SDWG co-sponsorship with PHER - Dan Pollock)
    • Ballot Reconciliation (Misc)
  2. Q2 - Meeting
    • XDoc PSS (Rick Geimer, Liora Alschuler)
  3. Q3 - Meeting
    • Value Set Maintenance for IGs - Rob McClure (Continued from Tuesday Q2 if needed)
    • Send representatives to PHER for Infectious disease updates for C-CDA discussion
  4. Q4 - Meeting
    • PSS C-CDA Rubric Update (Matt Rahn)
    • Review Template for C-CDA Supplements (Previously known as Volume 3)
    • Ballot Reconciliation (CDA 2.1)

Thursday, Sept 14th

  1. Q1 - Hosting: Imaging Integration
    • TBD
  2. Q1 - Send Representatives to Patient Care
    • Joint meeting with SD, Pharm, LHS, CH Agenda: All things care plan, care coordination, Care Team.
  3. Q2 - Meeting
    • CDA R2.1 Ballot Recon
  4. Q2 - Send Representatives to Patient Care
    • Joint with SD and Templates Proposed agenda: Template update (Template co-chair/rep) Template versioning; Structured Doc/CDA update (SDWG co-chairs) Patient Care update: Allergy/Intolerance harmonization Care plan harmonization; Health Concern* C-CDA Care Plan templates C-CDA and FHIR
  5. Q3 - Hosting: FHIR-I
    • TBD
    • Ballot Reconciliation (CDA 2.1)
  6. Q4 - Meeting

Friday, Sept 15th

  1. Q1 - Joint w/Templates, EST (Templates Hosting)
    • Send Representatives
  2. Q2 - NO MEETING