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SDWG Sept 2016 Baltimore Agenda

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  • Co-chair conflicts
    • Monday - Q1/Q2 (Plenary) Brett Q3 & Q4
    • Tuesday - Calvin Q3 & Q4; Brett Q1 & first half Q2, Mark Q1-Q4
    • Wednesday - Calvin Q1 & Q2; Austin Q3 & Q4, Brett Q1 and Q3 & Q4, Gay Q3 and Q4, Mark Q1-Q4, Rick Q4
    • Thursday - Rick Q3 & Q4, Mark Q1-Q4, Brett Q3 and Q4, Gay in Child Health WG Q4
    • Friday - Austin Q1 & Q2, Calvin Q1 & Q2, Brett Q1 & Q2, Mark Q1-Q4
  • Potential Topics
    • Pharmacy: Multiple ingredient Medications (Benjamin), Identifying medications as inpatient/outpatient (Brett/example task force).
Day Date Time Icon Event Chair Scribe Room
Sunday September 18 Q1 NO MEETING
Monday Chair Scribe Room
Monday September 19 Q1 Business med.gif NOT MEETING
  • TBD
Q3 Business med.gif MEETING
  • Agenda Review
  • Announcments
  • Update on current ballot - number of comments and planned ballot reconciliation
  • Upcoming ballots
  • Update SDWG 3 Year Plan
  • SWOT
  • Review PBS metrics and work group health
  • Expiring Standards
  • Aging Projects/document
Const. E
Q4 Business med.gif HOST PHER
  • TBD with PHER
  • Implementation-a-thon update and issue review (Jean/Brett/Benjamin/Others).
  • C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide Ballot (Jean/Joginder)
  • HSI PSS Review
Const. E
Tuesday Chair Scribe Room
Tuesday September 20 Q1 Business med.gif JOINT with CQI (CQI Hosting)
  • TBD
  • Rick in AWG
Const. E
Q2 Technical med.gif JOINT with Vocab (Vocab HOSTING)
  • CDA IG Quality Criteria - Valueset quality (LNelson)
  • Vocab Policy around managing single code bindings when the code is subsequently deprecated (Lisa)
  • Value set maintenance and review - VSAC process and commitments to support ongoing code system updates. (Rob M/Rob H/Brett)
  • CDA R2.1 Adoption of Vocab binding syntac (CBeebe)
Const. C
Q3 Technical med.gif HOST ITS/MnM/Publishing/Tooling
  • CDA Product Family Strategy (AKreisler)
  • C-CDA Example Search application (Andy)
Const. E
Q4 Technical med.gif HOST FHIR, Send Representatives to Patient Care (negation and vocab discussion)
  • C-CDA on FHIR ballot reconciliation (SDWG co-chairs)
  • Composition resource reconciliation (SDWG co-chairs)
Const. E
Wednesday Chair Scribe Room
Wednesday September 21 Q1 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • HAI CDA IG Publication Request (AKreisler)
  • C-CDA maintenance process (SDWG co-chairs)
  • CDA IG Quality Criteria - review wiki
Const. E
Q2 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • C-CDA Volume 3 rules of the road (SDWG co-chairs)
  • Role of Author at Header/Section/Entry and use in existing CDA guides - mixed modes? (George) (30 minutes)
  • CDA Scorecard (CBeebe)
Const. E
Q3 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • Pharmacist Care Plan Project Update (Shelly Spiro)
  • C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide Ballot (Jean/Joginder)
  • CDA R2.1 (Calvin)
Const. E
Q4 Technical med.gif MEETING, Send representative to PCWG (Allergy and intolerance: vocab and harmonization discussions)
  • C-CDA R2.1 Companion Guide Ballot (Jean/Joginder)
Const. E
Thursday Chair Scribe Room
Thursday September 22 Q1 Technical med.gif HOST Imaging, Send Representatives of C-CDA on FHIR project to PC and maybe AWG later if time (Rick)
  • Discuss LOINC DIR Document Type value set
  • DSTU comment #869 (not related II).
SD/II: Const. F
PC: Const. D
Q2 Technical med.gif Meeting
  • Relevant and Pertinent discussion (DTao)
  • Relevant C-CDA on FHIR Ballot Reconciliation (Rick/Brett)
Q3 Technical med.gif HOST FHIR (Send a representative to Clinical Statement)
  • C-CDA on FHIR ballot reconciliation (SDWG co-chairs)
  • Composition resource reconciliation (SDWG co-chairs)
  • Companion Guide reconciliation
Q4 Technical med.gif MEETING Frederick
Friday Chair Scribe Room
Friday September 23 Q1 Technical med.gif Joint w/Templates, PC (Templates hosting)
  • TBD
Q2 Technical med.gif MEETING
  • TBD


  • Business med.gif Business meeting
  • Reconciliation med.gif Ballot Reconciliation meeting
  • Technical med.gif Technical discussion