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SDWG Jan 2018 New Orleans Agenda

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  • Co-chair conflicts
    • Monday - Austin (Q3), Brett (Q2 (PC) & Q3 (Pharmacy) & Q4 (CMG)), Calvin (Q3 & Q4), Gay (Q4-CIMI)
    • Tuesday - Calvin (Q1 & Q2), Brett (Q3 & Q4), Rick (Q1 - Attachments, Q3 & Q4 teaching), Gay (Q3-CIMI)
    • Wednesday - Austin & Calvin (Q3 & Q4), Brett (Q4), Rick (Q1 & Q2) Gay (Q1 and Q4 CIMI/CQI/CDS joint)
    • Thursday - Brett out, Benjamin out, Rick (Q1 & Q2) Gay (Q1 - Gay can go to PC for Care Plan disc... Lisa?)
    • Friday - Austin (Q1 &Q 2), Brett out, Benjamin out, Rick and Gay (Clinicians on FHIR)
  • Potential Topics
    • Patient Care - Potential overlap in value sets in Allergy Status/Problem Status/CareTeam member function to review
    • Ballot Reconciliation
      • ODH
      • FHIR
    • C-CDA Infectious Disease Supplement Update
    • ONC/CMS eLTSS Update (EGallego)
    • IVL_RTO - Need to consult with ITS & MnM on how to represent using Data types R1

SDWG - January 2018 New Orleans Meeting


Monday, January 29th

  1. Q1 - SDWG Administrivia Quarter (Joined by members of the CDA-MG
    • Agenda Review
    • Announcements
      • Recruit for SDWG Electronic Services and Tools facilitator
    • Update on current ballot - number of comments and planned ballot reconciliation
    • Upcoming ballots
    • Implementation-a-thon Report out
    • DMP Updates
    • Update SDWG 3 Year Plan
    • SWOT
    • Review PBS metrics and work group health
    • Expiring Standards
    • Aging Projects/document
  2. Q2 - Joint with Patient Care (PC hosting).
    • PC hosting SD, FHIR-I, and EC Agenda: Notes Profile for FHIR Composition resource; AND Health Concern (e.g. tracking, linking heterogeneous resources in FHIR) and Clinical Impression FHIR resource
  3. Q3 - Meeting
    • PSS C-CDA Supplemental Templates for Pregnancy IG
    • IPS Ballot reconciliation (RHausam)
    • Send group to Pharmacy to discuss CDA Example Task Force use of doseQuanity/@unit and administrationUnitCode/@code
  4. Q4 - Nutrition Ballot Reconciliation

Tuesday, January 30th

  1. Q1 - Hosting FHIR-I
    • HAI FHIR modeling (15 minutes)
  2. Q2 - Joint w/Voc (Vocabulary Hosting)
    • Valueset Management (LNelson)
    • Strategy & Direction for Valueset Maintenance (CBeebe?)
  3. Q3 - Meeting
    • C-CDA Scorecard Rubric (MRahn)
    • Advanced Directive Review (LNelson)
  4. Q4 - Meeting
    • Planning for next release of C-CDA and future requirements
  5. Q4 - Send Representatives to Patient Care
    • PC hosting OO, Vocab, Clin Genomics, CIMI, SD Agenda: Negation + other vocab topics

Wednesday, January 31st

  1. Q1 - Meeting
    • Nutrition Ballot Reconciliation
  2. Q2 - Meeting
    • Valueset Discussion (LNelson)
      • Patient Care - Potential overlap in value sets in Allergy Status/Problem Status/CareTeam member function to review
    • eLTSS update (EGallego)
  3. Q3 - Meeting
    • XDOC Ballot reconciliation
    • C-CDA Supplemental Templates for Infectious Diseases update
  4. Q4 - Meeting
    • Valueset Discussion (continued if needed) (LNelson)
  5. Q4 - Send Representatives to Patient Care to discuss Allergy Status/ProblemStatus/CareTeam member function

Thursday, February 1st

  1. Q1 - Hosting: Imaging Integration
  2. Q1 - Send Representatives to Patient Care
    • PC hosting SD, Pharm, LHS Agenda: All things care plan and care coordination.
  3. Q2 - Meeting
  4. Q2 - Send Representatives to Patient Care
    • PC hosting SD, Templates Proposed agenda: Template update (Template co-chair/rep) Template versioning; Structured Doc/CDA update (SDWG co-chairs) Patient Care update: Allergy/Intolerance harmonization C-CDA and FHIR
  5. Q3 - Hosting: FHIR-I
  6. Q4 - Meeting - CDA R2.1 working session
  7. Q4 - Send Representative to LHS for discussion about Care Team Member topics (LNelson and others)

Friday, February 2nd

  1. Q1 - Send Representatives to Templates (Templates Hosting)
  2. Q1 - NO MEETING
  3. Q2 - NO MEETING