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SAIF Pilot Coordination Project

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02-10-2014: - Rick Haddorff Project Services

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Project Information

Link to Project Insight Searchable Database Entry (keywords SAIF Pilot Coordination), which contains:

  • Brief description of project
  • Project facilitators
  • Summary of project scope statement

Meeting Information

Currently meeting along with SAIF Architecture Program - meetings planned through May 2014 WGM

Issues / Hot Topics

GForge ItemDescriptionNext StepsNotes/Links
1865Determine what steps needs to be completed to acquire the EA softwareLorraine Constable will document what steps they took to acquire EA software for the OO project and report to the team
NACreate Concept Map to document dependencies between pilot projectsRick Haddorff will create first draft of Concept Map document to be reviewed at the January 2012 WGM in San Antonio

Closed Issues / Deliverables

Project Documents

Project Schedule