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RnP Wednesday, August 26

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Attendance: Keith Boone, Jill Devrick, Mark Roche, Lindsey Hoggle, Matt Rahn, Robert Dieterle, Dianna Dodd, Brett Marquard, Lisa Nelson, Diana Behling, Serafina Versaggi


Meeting Notes:

  • Review of Long Survey

If you are importing/incorporating information from the CCDA document you are receiving into your EHR, do you find that there relevant detail in the narrative that is different from what is incorporated into your EHR?

If so, what is missing or different?

Is there is a preference for more paragraph oriented or tabular formatting of content? Clarifiy question 2 in Usability.

Do you see problems appearing as active that are no longer active in the documents you are receiving? How would you suggest a system addressed this issue, or should it not attempt to address it?

Number the questions.

  • Feedback from e-mail

Made a number of initial contacts which need to be followed up on. If anyone would like to engage an organization in this project, feel free to do so.