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RnP Tuesday, August 23

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The August 23rd call was attended by David Tao, Robert Dieterle, and Joe Lamy (Aegis). This was Joe's first RnP call. He is interested from two perspectives: Sequoia Project Content Testing, but also for Social Security Administration (SSA), which receives many CCDs and uses them to determine eligibility for disability status.

ACTION: Robert has other responsibilities that will prevent him from doing further work for the next month. David will pick up extra writing, taking slides 34-end and incorporating them into the Word document, and also doing some editing of the sections that Bob already wrote, on slides 1-18.

Bob and David discussed the JAMIA paper on patient preferences for After-Visit Summaries. We believe it is interesting and suitable to be cited, but that its results can't be combined with the RnP work, because it is dealing with a different use case and audience (patients, not clinicians).

David gave Joe an overview of RnP's status. Joe said that the SSA's pain points sounded similar to some of the RnP findings. For their disability determination purposes, they would also appreciate more clinical narrative, as long as it can be found in consistent locations (which is not the case currently). SSA's review process includes a combination of automated processing of structured data, and human review of the document. He said they would also tend to agree with the concept of providing better filtering and display capabilities at the receiving end, rather than restricting the sent content.

David will follow up with the C-CDA Rendering Challenge, which is in a "Phase 2" at this point. RnP information was previously sent to them, but it might have been too late in the cycle for Phase 1.

August 30th was a brief call, attended by David Tao and Didi Davis. Didi continues to be interested in sharing the results with the Sequoia Project. David pointed out that there had been several revisions to the RnP document.