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= Meetings =
= Meetings =
'''As of July, 2016, RnP meetings are now scheduled for 12-1 pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays.'''
'''As of July, 2016, RnP meetings are now scheduled for 12-1 pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays.'''
*[[RnP Tuesday, July 5]]
*[[RnP Tuesday, July 5, 2016]]
'''2015 MEETINGS'''
'''2015 MEETINGS'''

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Project Description

Link to Project Description


As of July, 2016, RnP meetings are now scheduled for 12-1 pm Eastern Time on Tuesdays.


  • October 14th -- no meeting. A few individuals spoke on the phone, and the expectation was that meetings would be rescheduled to reach closure on the short survey (in process of being revised based on final feedback from some medical societies).
  • October 21st -- no meeting.
  • Nov 11th -- meeting was scheduled, but only George and David were on the call and spoke for a few minutes. David agreed to update the Wiki with the list of liaisons to organizations.
  • Nov 25 -- meeting was scheduled, but only Brett and David made it. Brett provided update on VA/DoD. They would like to respond to the survey, but not before their next CCDA committee meeting. Thus it may be difficult for them to get it done by December 23rd. David reported that he had also reached out to CHIME (upon suggestion from AHA), who plan to push the survey out at their next Washington debrief on December 7th. They don't expect a large number of responses, but still want to participate. Brett and David hoped that at the next RnP project team meeting, it could be decided when we will start analysis of the results (and hence when the survey should be closed).

    2016 MEETINGS
  • Update 1/6/2016: MEETING SCHEDULE HAD BEEN BIWEEKLY since the engagement period began. Stay tuned for more information about changes to the meeting schedule, once the survey deadline has passed. We will probably go back to weekly RnP meetings following the January WGM.
    • RnP Wednesday, January 20, 2016
    • RnP February 3rd, call cancelled
    • RnP February 10th, call cancelled. David Tao, Scott Robertson, and Matt Rahn called in and talked for about 10 minutes, but when no one else joined we left. David will follow up with Keith and Bob to firm up future meetings. It was also suggested that the meetings be an hour rather than 30 minutes to allow more progress to be made, especially if we want to prepare a paper to be balloted in the Spring.
    • RnP Wednesday, February 17, 2016 -- Call cancelled. However, click the meeting link if you'd like to read observations and suggestions posted by David Tao.
    • RnP March 30, 2016. Call held with Bob, David, Holly, and George. Bob will edit the "green deck" down to perhaps 8 slides, for presentation to Interop Experience Task Force (IXTF), highlighting major findings about irrelevance of too much past data (prior visits and hospitalizations), importance of better organization of display (including Table of Contents, Section Views), importance of better filtering at receiving end, difficulty of omitting data considered important even by a minority (30-40%) of receivers. Also we considered it valid to include observations based on the expertise and experience of the members, even if not directly derived from survey data. Bob will contact Jitin, suggesting the short presentation, accompanied by more detailed slides for additional info as needed.
    • RnP April 27, 2016. Brief call attended by David Tao, Corey Spears, and David Deroode. David T. gave Corey and David D. an overview of the "red deck" presentation. David D. works with Colorado RHIO, and new to RnP, but very interested in the results. CO RHIO is trying to make its C-CDAs as usable as possible and looking into better organization and display techniques. Corey suggested that we make the RnP information available to those participating in the C-CDA rendering challenge. David T. brought that suggestion to SDWG, and on April 30th sent materials to David Hamill to make available to the Rendering Challenge participants.

    Engagement Materials

    The original presentation to explain the project is here File:RnP.pptx

    A short presentation that may assist in kickoff meetings is here File:RnP Launch Presentation 20151111.pptx

    Here is a sample cover letter that you may use or modify, to send to organizations that you are a liaison to. File:CCDA RnP Short Survey Communication1.docx

    Long Survey

    Only to be administered once per organization.

    A PDF of the long survey can be found here File:LongSurvey.pdf

    The long survey (final) can be taken here Long Survey

    Update 1/6/2016: Keith says that 16 Long Surveys have been filled out, of which at least three are tests, so at least we received >10 long survey responses.

    Short Survey


    To be taken by individual clinicians.

    A FINAL PDF of the short survey can be found here File:ShortSurvey.pdf. This is not to be used for conducting the survey, only for documentation purposes.

    The short survey (final) can be taken here Short Survey (FINAL version, updated October 30th). This is the general link that can be distributed to any provider wanting to take the survey EXCEPT for those in AAFP, ACP, AHA, and AMA organizations, which will each have their own link (distributed privately, not posted on this page)

    Short Survey Results

    The following slide decks from Bob Dieterle were posted as of February 24th, 2016, with a significant update on March 12th. .

    Short Survey -- Final (all responses): the "Red deck" -- File:Relevant and Pertinent Short Survey segmented 1.1.ppt -- Updated March 12th, 2016. This includes answers to several key questions segmented by primary care( Family/General Practice, Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn), Internal Medicine, and Specialty Care. Additional slides are included for: Receipt of ToC experience, Issues, Hospital Discharge sections (weighted averages), and Ambulatory Visit sections (weighted averages).

    Short Survey Summary: the "Green deck" -- File:Relevant and Pertinent Short Survey Summary.ppt -- updated May 5, 2016.

    Short Survey -- Final (only includes responses from those with experience receiving ToC documents): the "Blue deck" -- File:Relevant and Pertinent Short Survey -- received ToC only -- Final.ppt

    Slide deck and brief letter introducing the results of the short survey, explaining the above three decks. Sent to participants in the C-CDA Rendering Challenge in early May, 2016. File:RnP Results Intro.ppt slides and File:RnP Results Intro for Rendering Challenge.doc letter.

    Preliminary information as of the 1/20 meeting has been moved to the minutes of that meeting.

    Liaisons to Organizations

    Listed alphabetically by organization. Members of the project team volunteered to be liaisons to reach out to professional societies and other organizations who have committed to the short and/or long surveys, or who are considering them. This list is based on discussions and minutes from September 23rd, but is not necessarily complete and may contain errors. Where known, the primary contact IN each organization is listed in parentheses.

    • American Association of Family Practitioners (AAFP) -- Bob Dieterle
    • American College of Physicians (ACP) -- Bob Dieterle
    • American Hospital Association (AHA) -- David Tao, Lisa Nelson (AHA: Chantal Worzala)
    • American Medical Association (AMA) -- Bob Dieterle
    • CHIME -- David Tao (CHIME: Mari Savickis)
    • Department of Defense (DoD) -- Brett Marquard
    • EHR Association (EHRA) -- Keith Boone
    • Federal Health Architecture -- Keith Boone
    • Health Story Project -- Mark Roche, Lisa Nelson (HSP: Mari Greenberger)
    • HIMSS Interoperability/HIE Committee -- Mark Roche (HIMSS IHIE: Mari Greenberger)
    • HIMSS Usability Committee -- Keith Boone
    • Taconic IPA -- Holly Miller
    • UPMC -- Keith Boone
    • Veterans Administration (VA) -- Brett Marquard


    See RnP Development for Historical Materials