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The short survey can be taken here [http://goo.gl/forms/E275g5XlUc Short Survey]
The short survey can be taken here [http://goo.gl/forms/E275g5XlUc Short Survey]
=Questions to Address=
See [[RnP Development]] for Historical Materials
Insert your page listing questions to ask here! Then add your questions to that page. That way, people can provide different approaches without necessarily being influenced by what others have already done.
[[Keith's RnP Questions]]
<br>[[George's RnP Questions]]
<br>[[David's RnP Questions]]
<br>[[Emma's RnP Questions]]
==June 10th -- initial review of questions==
[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9s2w8-b67zsdXh5WHZycTZkNXc/view?usp=sharing First Draft of Questionnaire]
==August 5th -- 5-10 minute provider survey (OLD -- should we delete this?)==
Draft of short provider survey to be sent to large audience, created by Robert Dieterle, Dr. Russ Leftwich, Dr. Holly Miller
[http://goo.gl/forms/6FoOgzntSv '''Short Provider Survey''']
==August 26th - Long Survey==
'''Still DRAFT'''
[https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1N5h4ME873SIuWiISmbG_c6v2RGRa3__p5z5CCbbtR7Q/viewform '''Long Provider Survey''']
==September 24th - Short Survey (updated by Bob)==
This is version V11.0 2015-09-24. '''STILL DRAFT BUT NEAR FINAL'''
[http://goo.gl/forms/E275g5XlUc '''Updated Short Survey of Providers''']
=Reference Materials=
[[Beacon Community EHR Affinity Domain]]
=Initial Communication Draft=
Dear [NAME]
As part of the HL7 drive to enhance global health data interoperability, the Structured Documents workgroup, in partnership with Clinical Interoperability Council and Patient Care workgroups, have launched a project to help reduce the information overload that can result from excessive detail in CCD/C-CDA document implementations as needed for meaningful use requirements. 
This project’s was initiated by HL7 in response to feedback from providers about their experiences with the Transitions of Care objective as required in the CMS Meaningful Use incentive program. Many providers said that the Summary of Care Records (SOCR) that they have been receiving are not as useful as they would like. Among the issues raised were: too much information, SOCRs are too long, takes too long to find what is relevant and pertinent.
To accomplish this, we are conducting a study with practitioners and professional association members to identify what they believe is the more relevant and pertinent set of information that they would need for a health care encounter.  This gathered information will help the project create potential rules for what should be included in a response for healthcare information.
We would like your assistance in this endeavor.  We would like to meet virtually to describe the purpose of the project and explain how to complete the survey. If you are then interested we would like you fill out a short questionnaire regarding what you feel are the most relevant and pertinent details you need in your encounters, this would help us help the healthcare industry.  We would then like to follow up in another virtual meeting refine and clarify the feedback we've collected.
Please let us know if you will be able to help us help.

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