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<li>Federal Health Architecture -- Keith Boone
<li>Federal Health Architecture -- Keith Boone
<li>Health Story Project -- Mark Roche, Lisa Nelson  (HSP: Mari Greenberger)
<li>Health Story Project -- Mark Roche, Lisa Nelson  (HSP: Mari Greenberger)
<li>HIMSS Interoperability/HIE Committee -- Mark Roche (HIMSS IHIE: Mari Greenberger)
<li>HIMSS Usability Committee -- Keith Boone
<li>HIMSS Usability Committee -- Keith Boone
<li>Taconic IPA -- Holly Miller
<li>Taconic IPA -- Holly Miller

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October 14th -- no meeting. A few individuals spoke on the phone, and the expectation was that meetings would be rescheduled to reach closure on the short survey (in process of being revised based on final feedback from some medical societies).
October 21st -- no meeting.
Nov 11th -- meeting was scheduled, but only George and David were on the call and spoke for a few minutes. David agreed to update the Wiki with the list of liaisons to organizations.

Engagement Materials

The original presentation to explain the project is here File:RnP.pptx

A short presentation that may assist in kickoff meetings is here File:RnP Launch Presentation 20151111.pptx

Here is a sample cover letter that you may use or modify, to send to organizations that you are a liaison to. File:CCDA RnP Short Survey Communication1.docx

Long Survey

Only to be administered once per organization.

A PDF of the long survey can be found here File:LongSurvey.pdf

The long survey (final) can be taken here Long Survey

Short Survey

To be taken by individual clinicians.

A FINAL PDF of the short survey can be found here File:ShortSurvey.pdf. This is not to be used for conducting the survey, only for documentation purposes.

The short survey (final) can be taken here Short Survey (FINAL version, updated October 30th). This is the general link that can be distributed to any provider wanting to take the survey EXCEPT for those in AAFP, ACP, AHA, and AMA organizations, which will each have their own link (distributed privately, not posted on this page)

Liaisons to Organizations

Listed alphabetically by organization. Members of the project team volunteered to be liaisons to reach out to professional societies and other organizations who have committed to the short and/or long surveys, or who are considering them. This list is based on discussions and minutes from September 23rd, but is not necessarily complete and may contain errors. Where known, the primary contact IN each organization is listed in parentheses.

  • American Association of Family Practitioners (AAFP) -- Bob Dieterle
  • American College of Physicians (ACP) -- Bob Dieterle
  • American Hospital Association (AHA) -- David Tao, Lisa Nelson (AHA: Chantal Worzala)
  • American Medical Association (AMA) -- Bob Dieterle
  • Department of Defense (DoD) -- Brett Marquard
  • EHR Association (EHRA) -- Keith Boone
  • Federal Health Architecture -- Keith Boone
  • Health Story Project -- Mark Roche, Lisa Nelson (HSP: Mari Greenberger)
  • HIMSS Interoperability/HIE Committee -- Mark Roche (HIMSS IHIE: Mari Greenberger)
  • HIMSS Usability Committee -- Keith Boone
  • Taconic IPA -- Holly Miller
  • UPMC -- Keith Boone
  • Veterans Administration (VA) -- Brett Marquard


See RnP Development for Historical Materials