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Reference - Informational

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Reference - Informational Owner PEL will do, ?? will review


  • Artifacts that can be used as reference for information viewpoint artifacts in subsequent conformance levels.

Detail - Reference Semantics at the Informational Level TODO

Traceability to Reference Material


Best Practices / Templates


Quality Criteria


Conformance Statement


Guidance on format of Conformance Statement


Relationship to and Consistency with other Viewpoints


Candidate Artifacts

  • HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM)
  • HL7 Abstract Data Types (ADT)
  • HL7 Vocabulary References
  • TermInfo Guides
  • Clinical Document Architecture Model (CDA)
  • Clinical Statement Model
  • Orders and Requests Pattern Model
  • Implementable Tech Specification (ITS)
  • HL7 Foundation and Core Principles
  • HL7 Development Framework (belong here or elsewhere)?
  • WC3 (for ITS)
  • OMG (for ITS?)


The following examples are full specifications. Following the link, the appropriate sections of the specifications that support the Computational Viewpoints are in brackets.

  • Example 1 - TODO
  • Example 2 - TODO
  • Example 3 - TODO

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